Paul Sebastian Poems

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Love Is Sacrifice

At a dim-lit dining table I sat
Alone, but a lone red rose in vase, stood
My mind's lost sojourn, she read
Confused and searching, my unusual mood

Love Intimacy

One night, I knocked your door
You opened welcoming me
We had tea and some spaghetti
We talked, fact-finding, no more

Man's Greed

God fashioned man out of earth
In His image and breathed life into him
Woman He created for him to love
Dominion over creation, He gave him

Seeds Of A Happy Life

Plant a thought seed
Water it with faith daily
To grow a thought habit
That captures you emotionally

Strength Of A Man

Strength of a man is not measured
By what he achieves when pressured
But, how he manages through, smiling
How he achieves through team playing

A Treasured Friend

A friend like a constant star of the day
A friend’s smiles and kindness always stay
A friend’s there in the hour of need
A friend plods you to succeed

A True Friend

A friend for every moment of the day
A friend with embracing smile, heart's joy ray
A friend who's there in time of need
A friend who plods you to succeed

Give Me One Chance

All I ask is: give me one chance
To sing you an evergreen love song
Closely sway to this last dance
Locking arms as if we are bound for lifelong

Love Mother Malaysia

Love Mother Malaysia
By Paul Sebastian

Mother Malaysia cries for moderation

Wisdom On Money

Up on a mountain I asked a sage
To speak to me about money and he said:

Money: that tainted thing?

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