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Paul Sebastian as the Principal Trainer & Consultant in BusinessSkills Training Centre, former Principal and current Academic Consultant in Master English Language Centre, K Lumpur, Malaysia. He teaches English to pre-college and university students, Business English and Communicative English at the Workplace to adult students. He also conducts s ...

Paul Sebastian Poems

Love Is Sacrifice

At a dim-lit dining table I sat
Alone, but a lone red rose in vase, stood
My mind's lost sojourn, she read
Confused and searching, my unusual mood

Love Intimacy

One night, I knocked your door
You opened welcoming me
We had tea and some spaghetti
We talked, fact-finding, no more

Man's Greed

God fashioned man out of earth
In His image and breathed life into him
Woman He created for him to love
Dominion over creation, He gave him

Strength Of A Man

Strength of a man is not measured
By what he achieves when pressured
But, how he manages through, smiling
How he achieves through team playing

Seeds Of A Happy Life

Plant a thought seed
Water it with faith daily
To grow a thought habit
That captures you emotionally

Paul Sebastian Quotes

12 November 2014

One Life to Live Only one life to live, live your life worthwhile.

13 November 2014

Fully Love, Fully Live Who does not love to excess, loves too little.

09 January 2015

Paying the Price of Work To each God has given a land buried with diamonds. But each has to dig for them in his land.

09 March 2015

Poetry When you squeeze your heart to put into words what you feel and perceive artistically, it is a poem. A good one is like a painting, it leaves impressions, some lasting lifetime!

13 March 2015

Perfect Woman From the rib of man God created wo-man for He had to create a perfect person for raising a family!

Paul Sebastian Comments

Ranjan Kumar Ghosh 19 September 2017

Very heartly your poem and very nice poem

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Charity Nduhiu 15 July 2014

Wow wow i wish she could just give you a last chance. Please try again she will accept. Very nice poem

4 1 Reply

nice poems. you are great in showing feels.that shows a good improvement. i invite you to read my poems at my poets page. that is a friendly invitation

3 1 Reply
Richard Beevor 06 May 2014

the words just flow Paul, very entertaining poem, thank you

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