Francis Duggan People Poems

On Reading Of The World's 100 Wealthiest People

The World's many billion people controlled by the greedy few
But to every billionaire there is there are a million who
Go to sleep weak and hungry their wasted bodies thin
For days they haven't eaten their bones showing through their skin.

Kind Hearted People

The toasting glass in their honour we should raise
The kind of heart they are worthy of our praise
To help those in need they go out of their way
Just for to be helpful and without asking for pay

Shy People

Though many may say they suffer of low self esteem
Shy people are good people to me it does seem
As they do not advertise themselves in the Corporate World out there
The humble at heart are becoming more rare.

Arrogant People

I never could like them and them i just tolerate
Those arrogant people who think they are great
They build themselves up by putting others down
And you meet them on every Street in every Town.

Forgotten People

In Council Flats live the forgotten people
At the slum end the poorer side of town
They live on welfare like their dads before them
And from where they live a long hike to renown.

How Can I Respect People

How can I respect people who do not respect me
Who to others do not grant me my due equality
Since equality to others is everybody's due
That is if to one's higher self one wish to remain true

In Understanding People

In uderstanding people I've a long way to go
And even those close to me that I think I do know
I do not know that well I've come to realize
The workings of Human Nature never cease to surprise

You Who Are Into Comparing People

You who are into comparing people your favourite subject is Human I Q
Of the true worth of an individual I'm sure you do not have a clue,
You tell us all people are equal yet people you always compare
And sad to think your type are many and sad to think your type are not rare.

Used Car Sales People

With the gift of the gab they would talk their way out of hell
These used car sales people they know how to sell
On their selling ability their jobs are at stake
The more cars they do sell the more commission they do make

Many People Are Addictive

Many people are addictive in some sort of a way
Some drink alcohol to excess every day
Some due to their addiction to narcotics become involved in crime
That culminates in them serving prison time

People With Addictions

Many people have some addiction it does seem
Many of which does not enhance one's public esteem
Some of which alcohol abuse gambling or using narcotics which for finances or health not good in any way
But humanity is made of all kinds it does seem true to say

She Is One Of Those People

She said to me you have written a lot of rhymes though you do not write well
You are just one of many who writes doggerel
Not one to mull over what she has to say
And meeting her did not bring joy to my day

Of Judgemental People

In the World are Millions if not billions of Judgemental people judgemental people never have been rare
Of judge not and thou shalt not be judged it does seem their type of people never are aware
They even pass judgement on total strangers so arrogant to them ignorance is bliss
Live and let live to them does not hold meaning the point in the fair go they do seem to miss

Happy People

Happy people sow their seeds of happiness or so 'twould seem that way
The smiling face that greets you helps to brighten up your day
Their tiny seed of happiness to great happiness does grow
They are the type of people that all others wish to know

These Horrible People

These horrible people who play their power games
Who on those different to them put their own brand names
They are an insult to the word conservative the word they go by
For to improve themselves as people they do not even try.

Nice People Are People I Do Like To Know

Your attitude to others is of your choice
It never does cost anything to be nice
Some spread the glow of joy in their friendly way
With their happy smile as they bid you good day

Some People Are Just Ignorant

Some people are just ignorant their souls bereft of light
On others they cast aspersions and see it as their right
On Nationality and colour to draw the racial line
Like this person not one of us and this one suits us fine.

Most Religious People

Most religious people believe their god is the only god though their god they never see
If this be so there are many gods it would seem to me
Each religious grouping claims god as their own
With religion the numbers of unseen gods has grown.

Wise People

Wise people are people who do not feel wise
The depth of their wisdom they do not realize
Not arrogant or conceited in any way
Though very profound things you do hear them say

Opinionated People

On everything and anything they do like to have their say
Opinionated people I do meet them every day
And that their's is just one opinion that point they do seem to miss
It is true with some people that ignorance is bliss

You Tell Me All People Are Equal

Don't tell me that all men are equal and that all women are equal to men
Since I can only see inequality in a World of corruption and sin
The poor seem to be getting poorer and far too many in poverty
And the wealthy are getting far wealthier that's how it would appear to me.

Don'T Judge People

Don't judge people for what you'd like them to be
When their physical presence is all we can see
Since to your sense of values they do not comply
Their right to a fair go of them don't deny.

Some Religious People

Some religious people do look on as odd
Those who do not believe in the existence of God
They refuse to believe that in an atheist you'll find
A person who can be quite good and kind

The People Who Love Nature

Not seen as great or special or the leaders of our time
But to the people who love Nature i dedicate this rhyme
They dedicate their free time for the future of human kind
And in the person who loves Nature a great person you will find.

There Are So Many Arrogant People

There are so many arrogant people who feel superior in their own arrogant way
And to the opinions of others respect they never seem to pay
You will find it in some ambitious females but mostly it is a male thing
Those who only sing their own praises the praise of others never do sing,

The Ordinary People

I am quite ordinary myself that much of me I do know
But in numbers around me my type seem to grow
For ordinary people I meet every day
And in that I mean ordinary in an ordinary way

Nice People

Nice people not known for to put others down
Or be racist to anyone black, white or brown
And others of their achievements they never try to impress
We need more of their type and of the not nice less.

No Such A Thing As God's Chosen People

No such a thing as God's chosen people if there is a God he's for all
For a God than us would be far greater in our judgements we are so small
God would judge everyone as an equal no matter the Race or the name
The believers or the non believers a true God would treat as the same.

New Age People And Greenies

I do not understand these new age people
They say for the Planet's sake we ought to change
But they drive cars, burn fuels and live in houses
For how they speak in ways they do act strange.

The Watchdogs Of The People

I find their guns offensive from their holsters sticking out
And I don't feel any safer when I see them about
Supposed to be the peoples 'Watchdogs' but one must ask where are they
When people are robbed and murdered and that's happening every day? .

Those Marvellous People From Brazil

They party hard and drink their fill
Those marvellous people from Brazil
And to their sambas dance and sway
And play their drums till break of day.

Some People Like The Seasons

A friend of mine just a short while ago I tried to look her in the eye
But she turned her face away from me and now I ask myself why
She does not seem to wish to know me since I've never done her any harm
Am I that ugly looking as well as one bereft of charm?

Good People To Say The Least

Good people to say the least in the World are not rare
They know how to give and they know how to share
They know that to receive you must learn how to give
And they firmly believe in live and let live.

I Envy The People

I envy the people who can cope with stress
They are on the high road to happiness
They have anger caused by frustration under control
The one who can laugh under stress has a beautiful soul

People Without Worries

People without worries to say the least rare
As many in their lives have some cross to bear
Money cannot buy happiness ask the millionaire
Many of the financially well off too are burdened by care

Farewell To The Travelling People

Farewell to the travelling people their fame it was known far and wide
Their horse drawn vans are no longer to be seen on the by roads of the green countryside
Their descendants live a different sort of a lifestyle with the passing of the decades few things stay the same
And so it is for the children of the wanderlust people who too are often called out of name.

Lets Hear It For Compassionate People

So lucky are those with compassion they never do put others down
Their type of person are an asset to City or Village or Town
In a Human World where self centredeness is common above the ordinary they do rise
With those who live life in the hard way they readily do empathize

'Tis True What Is Said About People

'Tis true what is said about people that everyone has a life story to tell
Though not everybody's life story in book form a million copies would sell
The biography of a poor homeless person many would not be interested to read
Life's journey from the poorest suburb to success for most people never lead

The Near To Perfect People

The near to perfect people to say the least quite rare
Of my flaws as a human being I surely am aware
Perfection for one of the human kind almost impossible to achieve
That's what those who study human behaviour tell us and that's not hard to believe

The Greek People Across The Street

The Greek people across the street on their C.D. recorder play
The music of their Homeland from the Islands far away
And often with the music I hear them sing along
Their culture remains with them their love of Homeland strong.

When People Ask Me Where I Come From

I am just a peasant fellow without pretension to renown
But in some ways I feel lucky I was raised near Millstreet Town
And if anybody ask me where are you from anyway?
I tell them I come from Millstreet from a place called Claraghatlea.

Some People Like The Rose Tree

The rose in bloom looks beautiful but the thorns on her stem can pain
And if you get pricked by a rose bush thorn the lesson you'll retain
And next time of those thorns you surely will beware
For a jab from the rose's defensive weapon needs some tender loving care.

Some People Have A Sad Story To Tell

Some people have a sad story to tell
I know this woman she has been through hell
Her war torn Homeland she was forced to flee
And she arrived on these shores as a boat refugee.

People Here From Many Nations

All of the different shades of colours black, red, yellow, green and brown
Of the streamers and the balloons tied to posts in Melbourne Town
Garden city of Victoria of the southern hemisphere
And it coming up to Christmas a delightful time of year.

As People We All Are So Different

The religious worship god in their house of worship and the royalist people to their royal bow
Whilst others love their cat or dog or pet bird and others even have their sacred cow
It takes all kinds for to make the human World if we were all alike how boring life would be
You ask two people for their opinion on any given subject and more than likely they will not agree.

Suppose That's What Makes People So Interesting

He asked me how much money you make from your verses? I answered to me no financial gain,
He laughed said you've got to be joking pray tell me then can you explain
That you keep on putting your thoughts to paper one might have thought you'd give writing away
Since you don't get financially rewarded a fool only works without pay?

Who Do These People Think They Are

Who do these people think they are they take far more than they give?
They rule the World through their Bureaucracies and they tell us how to live
The tycoons of the twenty first century their financial nest egg grow and grow
In a World where millions live in poverty of poverty they do not wish to know.

For The Decisions Of A Few Powerful People

For the decisions of a few powerful people does all of humankind have to pay?
for people are suffering and dying through violence and bombings each day
We live in dread of scary people and of acts of terrorism we so often hear
And those who declare war on terror only expose us to violence and fear.

The Less People You Know

The less people you know or who know you the less people to be your judge
And less people to criticize you and the less people you to begrudge
You've heard of those with the tall poppy syndrome they live in every village and town
Your achievements they try to belittle and they try their best to drag you down.

People From A Different World

I met them in the lake park whilst out walking the Universisty Professor and his wife
In their late fifties or maybe early sixties one might say they had seen a bit of life
As we were walking in the same direction we began to chat as we sauntered along
On a warm and breezy morning in December the magpie on the wattle was in song.

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