Feelings Poems: 320 / 500

A Cry To Exist

Hello again, I’m hear once more, not to fill your heads with rhymes but my feelings in store, feelings of a close friend, someone I adore. Please do me this favor, judge not too harshly, for the person I speak off is to my heart so dearly

She has no joy, yet she cries not

She has no food yet she needs not

She has no friends yet she wants not

She has no god yet she sins not

She has no love yet she hates not

She has life yet she lives with ought truly living

Thanks for your time, I hope it wasn’t wasted, for I promise, the next time I write my words won’t be hasted. Keep this in mind, on request I’ll surely rhyme for the person that needs a poem, my best I’m sure to find.


Interesting poem that works on several levels. I felt concern and and caring for the subject of this poem.

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Ronald Stroman 25 May 2006

criticism even from one's enemy, for me... i welcome like a friend, especially when i visit their home, and i invite it... and i'm honest.

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Evil Mandy 19 May 2006

wow! ! eventhough it rhyms too much! ! this writting shows how much you adore this person truly... how much strong and appreciative this person is! ! well your writting is wonderful! you express very wonderfully... good luck! ! love, karen!

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