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There are times in life
When darkness is so thick
Times in life
When tidal waves touch the sky

In caravans of chains through the jungles we was
By our kith and kin to the worlds unknown we was
By the shores of eternity, white gods awaited us
Like cattle, we were loaded into ships unfamiliar

The very Great God of Heaven
For our sake, humbled Himself
To those of us in darkness, sent He a Preacher of the Gospel
To the brokenhearted, sent He the Healer

There is a colourful butterfly in the grassy plains of my mind
Nevertheless, I am not sure whether to celebrate the day I was born or not
Was I born or was I evicted from my mother's womb
If I was evicted, then when was I supposed to have been born?

Emmanuel Nambware insists that I must start a musical band
But how without any land?
Maybe with him managing, it could trend
I am not sure if my writing and my singing can blend

Faced with extinction, human race tithers,
Scientists in momentous frenzy of warnings
Whether justified or not, the vast sky seems to ignore,
While potbellied world leaders squander it off in airconditioned auditoriums

Today my head feels grey
I'm exhausted even from things I can't think of
Then I feel like better I just vanish
One moment, I'm all spritely as a sunny day

One day I was walking in the wind
And clouds gathered around me into a storm
In the volume of narratives, I met one stormy Joe
Who was seeking the demystifying alternative

The beauty of being
Like a commonwealth of thought
A collective of emotional love hive
Our African social bond

Men lie
Women cry
So, they say
Maybe women enjoy crying

My forlorn silences
That sound musical echoes
From futures so bright and lofty
Whose right hand transcends time and space

Portals of mercy bountiful
Cascades of grace divine
Highs and lows of youthfulness
When the pull of energy is but fooling to the young mind

This world is strange
Very strange beyond any imaginable range
Take care that you do not sneeze lest it freezes
Rather sneak out and enjoy the breeze

Warm hearts do not grow old though you are a year older today
You are rather a year wiser, I would say
Even as you watch, the pages of your person unfurl
Telling the stories of both your struggles and passions

Thick immoral concrete walls all around me
The smell of sin and hell rot in the air
Humans partying in the scum
I watch my religious upbringing huddled on the hard floor

I saw him in my full-length wall mirror
I smiled and he smiled back
He looked calm; not sure if I thought him handsome
I wish I could have guessed his age

The sound so discreet like the Carlos Ghosn escape
Like a lion's roar only heard afar of in Lebanon
Pouring into the gorge in a torrent of quiet and comfort
Way away from the prying eyes of the Japanese judiciary

He woke up young and fair
Warm thoughts with no care
Cloudless skies, joy for birds of the air
He walks with a strange gait with no shame to spare

There is a people whose history is unknown
Not because they do not have any history
The First Nation of the sub-continent remained mum about who they were
Their land had be invaded by a strange peoples

Dew glistening on the juicy lips of the green grass
Moisturising my bare feet planted firmly on the breast of the grass covered earth
All serene, awaiting the rising of the sun to brighten your face with a smile
Golden rays peeping out of the eastern horizon of youthful love

Phillip Nine Mafunga Biography

I went to Kuwadzana 1 High School for my Ordinary Levels and then to Mount Pleasant School for my Advanced Levels.Then I did a certificate in Travel and Tourism with the University of Zimbabwe. I am a human resources practitioner in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe. I am a devout christian and a door to door evangelist.)

The Best Poem Of Phillip Nine Mafunga

I Wish I Was A Woman

There are times in life
When darkness is so thick
Times in life
When tidal waves touch the sky
Hard n' extraordinary days
When it rains so hard that my rivers flatten out in floods

All the time, my efforts mus' tower ‘bove the hills
For my sails to fill up with the winds
For all mine's ther; I'm the bank
In hers, my share's God's mercy
I mus' provide n' protect;
For it's thought divine, as if I've a choice

When she carries pregnancy, she's congratulated
In child birth, she's celebrated as a hero
For child support n' sustenance, I'm the cash dispensing machine
Children're hers in all times, only mine when hit by a tempest
In old age, they all gather around her
Maybe that's why she lives longer

Her public nudity mustn't be condemned; her body her choice
When I do the same, the law comes in high print against me
I dream of day where I won't be responsible for my deeds or words
Like a small child, cry for what aughtn't been mine
When I get it, cry for the manner it was handed to me
A day I'll anticipate evil in every shadow n' action n' scream ‘discrimination"

I wish for a day I'll be abused n' call it freedom
For such a day where a fool'll work while I control their money
Such a day where after enjoying sex, turn around n' claim rape
A day where I can kill the unborn n' claim ‘my body my choice"
Yes, I wish I was a woman
And have the whole world on my side n still believe it's against me!
@28 November 2022

Phillip Nine Mafunga Comments

Nixon Mandigo 01 October 2019

Your poems are educational and progressive. Thanks for such inspiring work

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Phillip Nine Mafunga Quotes

It is always easy to apportion blame than to draw lessons-naturally!

Commercialized truth is as dangerous as any half truth or lie

its not everything that comes into your mind that must come out of your mouth.

Usapemberera nyoka iri muchirugu chemuvakidzani wako

For I would rather be safe in a dark prison than be imprisoned in my own mind by fear

It is in the melody of pain that songs of victory have meanings.

In the politics of being, evil individuals stick out tall. They do so because the good among us would rather not

If you do not descipline your children do not worry they will be desciplined by the police in the streets and prison wardens when they are of age.

It is easy to agree with a popular opinion that to be an independent thinker, muchmoreso in these days of 'woke' culture!

This a generation of feeling and no thought willing!

It is foolishness not to love, but to feel loved is beauty magnified!

Whining is the greatest undoing for most of us.

The beauty of a country is amplified by its people and people are political creatures. Its not easy therefore to separate the landscape from its occupiers.

There is a serious disconnect between words and their meanings in the modern day society. Meanings have become so subjective and fluid that the interpretation thereof becomes individually perceptive rather than objective.

I has come to me late in life that greatness is in the simple things of this life.

It is in the cryptic of thought where a strong opinion is founded.

What you hear is not important but what you do with it is what really matters

I am persuaded that war strategies are archaic judging by the amount of bravery exhibited in propaganda onslaughts in war times.

It requires a lot of mental and moral conviction to formulate, deliver and sustain a lie.

I have come to understand that it is very easy to oppress the educated than the illiterate. They spend much of their time arguing over semantics and strategy instead of confronting the oppressor. So sad!

Knowledge is the only cure for fear and doubt!

Beauty fades but wisdom out lives mortality because it is transferable through out generations.

There are many instances we say a lot of nothing with great swelling words so as to sound knowledgeable but at times just pointing in the right direction is all what it takes to change a life.

Human beings never learn.Incaceration radicalises instead of detering an idea.

Diversity, inclusivity and tolerance is the in ideology in workplaces without knowing what it means but diversity of thought or opinion is instead frowned at or rejected. Modern society hates those who think and embraces those who feel.

You can silence all your critics by all means but eventually you will have no one to silence but your very self - a tragedy!

Believe what you stand for and stand for what you believe.

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