I Wish I Was A Woman Poem by Phillip Nine Mafunga

I Wish I Was A Woman

Rating: 4.7

There are times in life
When darkness is so thick
Times in life
When tidal waves touch the sky
Hard n' extraordinary days
When it rains so hard that my rivers flatten out in floods

All the time, my efforts mus' tower ‘bove the hills
For my sails to fill up with the winds
For all mine's ther; I'm the bank
In hers, my share's God's mercy
I mus' provide n' protect;
For it's thought divine, as if I've a choice

When she carries pregnancy, she's congratulated
In child birth, she's celebrated as a hero
For child support n' sustenance, I'm the cash dispensing machine
Children're hers in all times, only mine when hit by a tempest
In old age, they all gather around her
Maybe that's why she lives longer

Her public nudity mustn't be condemned; her body her choice
When I do the same, the law comes in high print against me
I dream of day where I won't be responsible for my deeds or words
Like a small child, cry for what aughtn't been mine
When I get it, cry for the manner it was handed to me
A day I'll anticipate evil in every shadow n' action n' scream ‘discrimination"

I wish for a day I'll be abused n' call it freedom
For such a day where a fool'll work while I control their money
Such a day where after enjoying sex, turn around n' claim rape
A day where I can kill the unborn n' claim ‘my body my choice"
Yes, I wish I was a woman
And have the whole world on my side n still believe it's against me!
@28 November 2022

Dr Dillip K Swain 29 November 2022

I respect a woman but I feel proud to be a man. I think you are forgetting the role of a man. Both are complementary and supplementary to each other. Anyway,

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Phillip Nine Mafunga 29 November 2022

Iam raising the issue of responsibility for choices

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David Wood 29 November 2022

Well, there you go, Belle can make yr wish come true……. Good luck!

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Belle Wassermeister 29 November 2022

You wish you were a woman. Why? Life's easier for a man. You may think I can't help you, but, with my sharp knife, I can!

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Bri Edwards 06 December 2022

A SHARP KNIFE (see below) can perhaps start to process to make a man a woman, but much more would NEED to be done to complete a PHYSICAL switch.

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Bri Edwards 06 December 2022

At a boy! , Phillip, .....OR, as you might like it, 'at a girl, Phyllis!

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Bri Edwards 06 December 2022

I vote 5 stars because: Phil had the 'balls' to write this. Phil has opened up a forum on a widespread, sometimes touchy topic, and one which is universal: Being a MAN vs. being a WOMAN. : ) bri

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Bri Edwards 06 December 2022

And the last stanza: Wow! I wonder if Phillip.....[maybe Phyllis when Belle gets done with 'him' and he becomes a she].... is SERIOUS about all he wrote. HMMM?

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Bri Edwards 06 December 2022

Stanza 4 is most interesting. Not all of it is comprehendible for me. Where can I find the 'PUBLIC NUDITY'? ? ? I'd like to see it. And what exactly do you mean?

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Bri Edwards 06 December 2022

'In old age, they all gather around her Maybe that's why she lives longer' Perhaps, IF the mother survives childbirth, the Terrible Twos, The Teen Years, and everything AFTER ALL THAT! ! ! Oh, yeah, and nagging, philandering husbands. : )

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Phillip Nine Mafunga

Phillip Nine Mafunga

I was born in Harare Zimbabwe
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