Before The Earth Falls Silent Poem by Phillip Nine Mafunga

Before The Earth Falls Silent

Rating: 4.7

Faced with extinction, human race tithers,
Scientists in momentous frenzy of warnings
Whether justified or not, the vast sky seems to ignore,
While potbellied world leaders squander it off in airconditioned auditoriums

Trial of the truth
As the moral social order decays
As we watch the slide into extinction that which has kept us together,
The natural created order of life, have we not spate in the face?

Trial of moral decency
Greed and the rise of self: Identity craze
Even nature is averse to the gods we have become,
Before the earth falls silent, must we not stop and reflect a little?
20 May 2021

Sylvia Frances Chan 07 June 2021

Marvelous poem, magnificentlty said and told. Great poem this Modern Poem Of The Day!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 07 June 2021

Congratulations being the Modern Poem Of The Day. True brilliantly worded.5 Stars fullest

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Luis A. Estable 07 June 2021

In a way this giving-warning poem reflects what is going on today in the world. You tell it with poetry.

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Deluke Muwanigwa 20 May 2021

I wonder. I opine that it is our obsession with religion and politics disregarding science which will make us extinct. Good poem.

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Phillip Nine Mafunga

Phillip Nine Mafunga

I was born in Harare Zimbabwe
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