Just Think Of It Poem by Phillip Nine Mafunga

Just Think Of It

Emmanuel Nambware insists that I must start a musical band
But how without any land?
Maybe with him managing, it could trend
I am not sure if my writing and my singing can blend
Just to think of it, the idea could be grand
I should be asleep by now but with this, I find it hard to mend

What would be the name of the band?
What would be the music genre of choice?
Maybe something, that would rhyme with loice
Obviously not in like, noise
Bu something soft with a good musical poise

What if it's a lyrical business venture
As in river rafting adventure
Not that I understand much about the term debenture
Maybe that is the only way I could see the business aperture
31 October 2020

Friday, October 30, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: thinking
Terry Craddock 04 November 2020

Practice Hard Dream Big New Bands the idea of a band is sounding quite grand but without paying gigs in clubs to adore the band is at dire risk of being quite poor no money no publicity is new band adversity no gigs is death nail to new band longevity Inspired by the poem 'Just Think Of It' by the poet Phillip Nine Mafunga. Dedicated to the poet Phillip Nine Mafunga.

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Phillip Nine Mafunga 05 November 2020

Thanks very much Terry. Beautiful dedication. Much much appreciated

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Terry Craddock 30 October 2020

the idea of a band is sounding quite grand, but without gigs in clubs to adore, the band is at risk of being poor, no money no publicity is new band adversity, no gigs is dead nail to many a new band good luck Phillip, practice hard dream big, you could do it :)

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Hannatu Adamu 30 October 2020

I love how the poem is all random. Nice one.

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Phillip Nine Mafunga

Phillip Nine Mafunga

I was born in Harare Zimbabwe
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