Phillip Nine Mafunga Poems

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I Wish I Was A Woman

There are times in life
When darkness is so thick
Times in life
When tidal waves touch the sky

We Was

In caravans of chains through the jungles we was
By our kith and kin to the worlds unknown we was
By the shores of eternity, white gods awaited us
Like cattle, we were loaded into ships unfamiliar

Oh My!

The very Great God of Heaven
For our sake, humbled Himself
To those of us in darkness, sent He a Preacher of the Gospel
To the brokenhearted, sent He the Healer

The Beauty Of Days

There is a colourful butterfly in the grassy plains of my mind
Nevertheless, I am not sure whether to celebrate the day I was born or not
Was I born or was I evicted from my mother's womb
If I was evicted, then when was I supposed to have been born?

Just Think Of It

Emmanuel Nambware insists that I must start a musical band
But how without any land?
Maybe with him managing, it could trend
I am not sure if my writing and my singing can blend

Before The Earth Falls Silent

Faced with extinction, human race tithers,
Scientists in momentous frenzy of warnings
Whether justified or not, the vast sky seems to ignore,
While potbellied world leaders squander it off in airconditioned auditoriums

A Single Mental Day

Today my head feels grey
I'm exhausted even from things I can't think of
Then I feel like better I just vanish
One moment, I'm all spritely as a sunny day

In The Volume Of Narratives

One day I was walking in the wind
And clouds gathered around me into a storm
In the volume of narratives, I met one stormy Joe
Who was seeking the demystifying alternative

The Beauty Of Who We Are

The beauty of being
Like a commonwealth of thought
A collective of emotional love hive
Our African social bond

Maybe Tha'ts All It Is After All

Men lie
Women cry
So, they say
Maybe women enjoy crying

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