Geeta Radhakrishna Menon Pink Poems

Environment 14 - The Angry Rains And The Pink Rose

I am a little pink Rose!
I bloomed to see
This beautiful world,
To enjoy the monsoon,

Bird Colours 7 - Lovely Pink Flamingos

Lesser flamingos are resident migrant birds,
Layered with pastel pink shaded plumage,
Less in no way in adornment,
Legacy of dark coloured, curved bill,

Flower Feelings 3 - cheerful Pink Roses

Attractive, cheerful, smiling pink roses,
Admirable petals of lyrical love!
Adorable bloom of warm embraces,
Abundantly rich gift of nature,

Rose 2 - The Rosy Pink Rose

I am happy
As I am -
The rosy pink Rose!
I may not look

Flower 15 - The Pink Uttara Phalguni

She stands royally like a pretty princess,
Soft pink petals, rosy cheeks that caress,
Sweet lady dreaming of her gallant lover,
Sensitive to touch, secured by olive green leaves.

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