Dr Pintu Mahakul Poems

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Misty Morning

While we travel in a bus in journey of night,
We wait for early morning to see ray of light.
Crossing far distance of hundreds of miles,
With hope and pleasure a sleepy man smiles.

Who Am I?

'Who am I? Why am I so shy?
Why do I want to know? why do I look upon sky?
From where have I come? Where have I to go?
Oh dear beloved travellers in temples why do you bow? '

You Are Dazzling Star Dorothy

Rest in Peace Poetess Dorothy Alves Holmes.
Missing a long-time friend like you is very painful.
Our long poetic journey with you is detached.
We offer our prayer for your goodness and peace,

In My Beats Of Heart

In my beats of heart only you do blossom,
In my waves of mind only you do possum.
Without your dream, sleep does not come
With your grace speaks in miracle dumb.

Whisper Of Your Love

After a long day's wait I do find
You adore this moment to bind.
Your love is precious ever I feel
My dear friends you give me zeal.

A Little Drop Of Rain

A little drop of rain, does take away our pain
As it falls from far sky, as boon we do gain.
While rain comes, cloud leaves the lap
Feeling cheer soon peacock does clap.

God Is Good

Escorting my vision, again I see,
Flavouring nectar is gathered,
Every petal attracts ants in muse,
Crawling in lap of mother baby says.

Great Nuakhai Greet

Let us meet, Let us meet, Let us greet,
Today is the great Nuakhai let us meet.
Houses are coloured are clean and neat
Oh my dear friends come, sit on new seat.

Name Of My Secret Lover

Name of my secret lover who does know?
Every day on whose feet my mind I bow?
Show me oh beloved people you do show,
If you know who is? Think love I do glow?

Christmas Is Coming To Cuttack

Few days are left Christmas is coming,
Cuttack is adored streets are humming.
City is singing, you see with shiny light,
Christmas is coming Cuttack looks bright.

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