Christmas Is Coming To Cuttack Poem by Dr Pintu Mahakul

Christmas Is Coming To Cuttack

Few days are left Christmas is coming,
Cuttack is adored streets are humming.
City is singing, you see with shiny light,
Christmas is coming Cuttack looks bright.

Buxi Bazaar market is ready to sale cakes,
Fruit cake, plum cake, vanilla child takes.
Some buy black forest, chocolate, cream,
Lovely time has come all of you see dream.

Strawberry blueberry truffle scotch butter,
Very high demand they take cake cutter.
Vendors are calling to malls for candles,
Music walking Santas bring new sandals.

Daughter says father for Christmas tree,
Soft toys with flowers dance in road free.
Let us go to churches Cantonment road,
Holy Rosary Cathedral is ready in code.

Church of Epiphany sees Church of God,
People gather to pray here they too nod.
Gift center at Mission Road opens door,
Mahanadi River reflects light in its shore.

Glitter of light fills in lap of Cuttack night
Christmas is coming Cuttack looks bright.
Mind is filled in cheer streets humming
Few days are left Christmas is coming.

© Pintu Makakul,16, November 2015. All rights reserved.

Friday, September 23, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: festival,christmas
Dr Dillip K Swain 15 May 2023

Daughter says father for Christmas tree, Soft toys with flowers dance in road free. Let us go to churches Cantonment road, Holy Rosary Cathedral is ready in code....fantastic. A wonderful poem!

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Seema Chowdhury 29 September 2016

A nice and a hopeful write, I hope you enjoy the beauty, love and peace of Christmas this year also. Take care

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Dr Pintu Mahakul 28 September 2016

picture of Mizzy.. xThis write captures the festive season well Pintu., ... All the joys and the spiritual meaning.......well done! 16 Nov 2015 by Mizzy.. | Reply picture of billy joe lee LEGER the peoples poet xMerry Christmas 16 Nov 2015 by billy joe lee LEGER the peoples poet | Reply picture of laura loveheart xMouthwatering! Love the feeling of happiness in an uncertain world, tfs, [3 16 Nov 2015 by laura loveheart | Reply picture of Pauline Russell xWonderful thoughts of Christmas this poem invokes! 16 Nov 2015 by Pauline Russell | Reply picture of Ramin Ara xBeautiful expressions dear Pintu. Thank you for sharing.Bravo....... 16 Nov 2015 by Ramin Ara | Reply picture of Elena S(*_*) xBeautifully penned, Yummy sweets! This weekend I shall make a blackberry pie thank you! 17 Nov 2015 by Elena S(*_*) | Reply picture of Stella Armour xI am so hungry now Pintu after reading about this Christmas time feast.. 18 Nov 2015 by Stella Armour | Reply picture of eleanor prince xYour poem is fairly humming with the whole accouterments of this festival - sounds like it has reached even places that have a wider range of beliefs than what this is usually associated with - one can almost taste the special food and feel the excitement in the air 20 Nov 2015 by eleanor prince | Reply picture of sunprincess ♡ ♡ ♡ x......very beautiful...I wish to go to Cuttack and try all the varieties of cake...yum, yum....thank you for sharing this wonderful poem ★ 20 Nov 2015 by sunprincess ♡ ♡ ♡ | Reply picture of Just Arun xWonderful imagery and good work 21 Nov 2015 by Just Arun | Reply picture of Ezna Stephna xAmazing writeup on Christmas. It is a great imagery of joy and love sharing with gifts and sweets. Thanks for this great poem you shared with all poets. Merry Christmas! 24 Nov 2015 by Ezna Stephna | Reply picture of Sylvia Frances Chan xFor us it is still a long way to go, since first Sinterklaas must come, festivities starting three weeks before his birthday on the fifth of December. He and his helps come by steamboat on the Netherland waters, about three weeks before 5th December. After his entrance in the Netherlands, in all households start to celebrate his presence. He came from Spain and has brought for every kid toys or games. In reality, their parents bought for their own child these presents. And one strange fact: the real man who was generous and very rich, gave presents and money to the poor, lived in Turkey and this brave man had never heard about this celebration. A real Dutch tradition to spend the severe cold days and nights in November and December. After these celebrated days, the shops sztart their Christmas sales. Also three weeks before Christmas would be celebrated at home. And you know who are the happiest people during all these days? The shopkeepers, parents are constantly buying things for their kids. == You described here so immense perfect of the coming Christmas celebrations in Cuttack. So many cakes all sorts and I can imagine the sphere in the Streets. I am sure Cuttack has a most beautiful geographic location, a ditting contribution to the celebrations. A very impressive read and an enjoyable loveliest description on the coming Christmas celebrations in Cuttack, Thank you so much for your most wonderful poem, Pintu. 24 Nov 2015 by Sylvia Frances Chan | Reply picture of Jane Taylor Hardy xyour words spin such a lovely tale that i now must visit there....this is excellent and explodes with color, vibrance and excitement! a very enchanting write. 27 Nov 2015 by Jane Taylor Hardy | Reply picture of Shalini ~The solitary star xGood write. 30 Nov 2015 by Shalini ~The solitary star | Reply picture of G. Akanji Olaniyi xMatured and lovely.... it is good to know how to meander between words and their usages....tfs! ! ! 3 Dec 2015 by G. Akanji Olaniyi | Reply picture of martins obanna xMerry Christmas 4 Dec 2015 by martins obanna | Reply picture of Joseph Anderson xPintu-A festive and exhilerating poem expressing the joys and gladness of the Christmas experience and what a wonderful experience that is. An ode to joy and hopefully peace.A beautiful write 6 Dec 2015 by Joseph Anderson | Reply (Note: These review comments are received through PF)

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