Misty Morning Poem by Dr Pintu Mahakul

Misty Morning

Rating: 4.8

While we travel in a bus in journey of night,
We wait for early morning to see ray of light.
Crossing far distance of hundreds of miles,
With hope and pleasure a sleepy man smiles.

Child sun rises with big round face in East,
Dancing veil covers and opens made by mist.
Smog spreads over and across the road long,
Birds fly in row with chirping and sing song.

Childish rays fall on palms passing window,
Mind fills with cheer of travelling in mid bow.
Bus runs ahead in between middle of a road,
New villages, new towns we see as it does hoard.

In waiting time goes hearing devotional songs,
Running with hope of destination it also bongs
The little vision spreads forward and we too see,
Creamy morning shines in East with new of flee.

Finally we arrive to our long destined new town
At that time almost it looks favourable brown.
Hearing sound of chanting verse from temple,
We thank God walk the street with new ample.

Misty Morning
Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: beauty,journey,nature
'While we travel in a bus at night journey, at that time to see ray of light we wait for early morning. Crossing hundreds of miles of far distance a sleepy man smiles with hopes and pleasure. In East with big round face child sun rises. Sun covers and opens dancing veil made of by mist. Across the long road and over it smog spreads. With chirping birds fly in row and sing eagerly.Childish rays of sun fall on palm passing through window of bus. In mid bow mind fills with cheer of travelling. Bus runs ahead in between middle of a road. As it hoards we see new villages and new towns.While waiting, time goes in hearing devotional songs.It bongs running with hope of destination. We too see the little vision spreads forward.With flee of new, creamy morning shines in East.Finally we arrive to long destine new town.It looks favourable brown at that time.From temple chanting of verse comes.Hearing this we thank God.We walk the street with new ample.'This poem is based on such theme. This is written in Deogarh, Odisha, India and dedicated to the people of the world.
Valsa George 26 November 2014

After a long journey in the night, when sun beams fall on Earth, announcing the arrival of dawn, it is indeed a pleasure! The foggy and misty dawn will soon pave way to a bright morning! Enjoyed the lovely description of the dawn!

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 02 December 2014

More are less this poem is regular iambic pattern and the poem is about hope, Journey of life, misty morning- future is seen from far- beginning till end and sun as a symbol a nice painting dark to bright - life is like that when we start a journey to fulfill the dream - and till reaching dream land to sow the seed - every moment can be enjoyed - starry night to peeping sun thank you :) Max rating is less upto 10 only

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Sylvia Frances Chan 31 March 2017

Wonderful Poetry, as long as I am a member of THIS Poem Hunter, there had never been a Poem of the Day, so sorry to tell that to you. I only saw in HELLO POETRY there is a POEM of THE DAY. Or the PH Page on FACEBOOK, perhaps, but at this original POEM HUNTER Website, never know about that. Thank you for sharing. Despite my sayings, this is a poetry full of brilliance.

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G. Akanji Olaniyi 31 March 2017

You are always down to earth with your poems. Your descriptive poem is so high that I am always tempted to want to copy verbatim. Nice work, poet friend!

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Tom Allport 31 March 2017

a very descriptive poem of a journey most kind? ........well penned.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 11 August 2022

I congratulate you! !

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 11 August 2022

Heartiest Congratulations Pintu ji, once again, for the honour. God bless.

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Richard Wlodarski 10 August 2022

Dr Mahakul, Congratulations on a very well deserved POD! It's a beautiful tribute to India...and a great gift to the people of the world. As I was reading it, I had memories of such a bus and roads while travelling in Mexico. Thx for those memories!

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Bharati Nayak 10 August 2022

Wow---A great poem well deserving for Poem of the Day! This is a journey full with delight and hope, arriving at the destination to the chimes of temple bells.---It is the beauty of journey from mist to a clear dawn! Congratulations Poet Dr.Pintu Mahakul!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 10 August 2022

Truly this poem is most deserving as the MPOTD. God's Blessings in Abundance for your future ahead in God's Path

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Dr Pintu Mahakul

Dr Pintu Mahakul

Gandam, Deogarh district, Odisha, India
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