You Are Dazzling Star Dorothy Poem by Dr Pintu Mahakul

You Are Dazzling Star Dorothy

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Rest in Peace Poetess Dorothy Alves Holmes.
Missing a long-time friend like you is very painful.
Our long poetic journey with you is detached.
We offer our prayer for your goodness and peace,
Before God we urgefor light of mercy and bliss.

Your sudden demise news has broken our hearts.
You have your peaceful journey towards heaven.
May God enlighten you with his eternal wisdom,
Your Haikus are still natural and dazzling in pages,
We know you are singing sweetly in deep sleep.

Your tender voice is ringing around the world,
We remember our conversations in poetic mood,
Your beautiful paintings are still smiling in emotion,
You are a star in heaven now you dazzle in light,
Brightness is adored with you with grace of God.

We are missing your reviews, we are missing joy,
In your funeral we light candles and send cards,
In emotion and tear we are writing goodbye poem,
But in silence still you are dazzling in our hearts,
Oh dear legendary poetess, you rest in peace.

Our deepest condolences for your family members,
We convey with tear and emotion from core of hearts,
You reside in peaceful heaven near God, our father,
Eternity is power to protect you in all regards there,
You accept our love and affection and rest in peace.

Copyright © Pintu Mahakul​,25, March 2018, All rights reserved.

You Are Dazzling Star Dorothy
Monday, March 26, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: funeral,tribute
This poem is written as a tribute for poetess Late Dorothy Alves Holmes, also known as Dorothy Cynthia Alves Holmes or Dorothy Cynthia Holmes (Jan 9,1932 - Mar 21,2018) who has passed away in her hometown Tappahannock, Virginia, USA on Wednesday at her residence. This is also poem for funeral ceremony. This is written in Odisha, INDIA.

Owner of this cover photograph was Dorothy A. Holmes and she had posted this in Facebook on February 1,2011.
Sylvia Frances Chan 23 October 2018

I have received this beautiful coloured photography from Dorothy through Messages on PF, when we were still on Poetfreak poem site. I have made from this photo a designed card and showed that to her together with a poem as A Tribute on her BirthDay in January. All on PF. She was very happy and sent me through PF Messages a token of thanks.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 23 October 2018

I am writing these all, because the sad memories have come again. Indeed, poems are immortal and poets are not. They become immortal because of their poems. Thank you so much, Dr. Pintu Mahakul. God's Blessings in Abundance.Amen.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 03 April 2018

I am still saddest to read this magnificent poem, because Dorothy and I had been closer poet friends through earliest on PF. Thank you so much for sharing this tremendous amazing poetry. Indeed, she is a dazzling star amongst the other stars, as the poem created by Romeo DV said on FB. Thank you, Dr. Pintu Mahakul, from my being. A 10 for the Vote.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 27 March 2018

Pintu, so sad to hear the news.... such a good poem...10++++

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Sylvia Frances Chan 02 December 2022

AND a goodhearted dearest poetess, singer and paintress. We still miss her, Rev. Bernard Sir

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Sylvia Frances Chan 18 June 2023

Congratulations dear Dr. Pintu Mahakul, today yor famous poem is on number 30. God's Blessings be greatest!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 April 2023

CONGRATULATIONS, Dr. Pintu MAhakul, your poem about lovely Dorothy (the late poetess of Poetry Motion) is Today ranked as number 26 on Best Member Poems. I am very happy for you, Dr. Pintu!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 24 January 2023

Congratulations dear Dr. Pintu Mahakul, today your dazling poem is ranked as number 30. Most deserving. Thank you so much dear Poem Hunter and Team.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 11 December 2022

Dear Dr. Pintu Mahakul, your poem about our Dorothy is still on the 100 Best Poems Reank, your poem stands on number 24. Congratulations. So very sad that dear Dorothy passed away. May she still R.I.P. Thank you for sharing this Beauty!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 14 November 2022

May she rest in Peace, Amen. Most beautiful and touching Elegy for our dear Poetess Dorothy and Paintress. Thank you so much Dr. Pintu Mahakul for your most valuable Elegt for dear Dorothy, God's Blessings in Abundance for you, Dr. Pintu Mahakul. Amen

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Dr Pintu Mahakul

Dr Pintu Mahakul

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