00.04 25.12.04

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Don’t understand deliberate hurt.
Just don’t.
Never did.

Can’t conceive of the calculation:
The clinical cut to dead centre;
The surgeon’s pinpoint precision;
The coup-de-grâce, graciously granted,
With all the blunt, high-impact benevolence
Of a snub-nosed shell,
Shot, point-blank,
From the barrel of a smoking phone-gun
At precisely 00.04 on 25.12.04.

Tomorrow’s fish ‘n’ chip wrappers will read:
“Just another Saturday night, drive-by texting”.
But I won’t be around to read it.

Don’t understand.
Never did.
Don’t want to.

Cecil (cj) Krieger 25 March 2009

I love this one so much to the point and yet so sensitive... GREAT!

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Fay Slimm 09 October 2008

Carefully concealed was the numerical indication at first - and so cleverly woven around the senseless killing. Another powerful account from your powerful pen Tony. - 10+ + from Fay.............you may like to read my Dare We Forget? if you haven't already, on senseless bombing. xx

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Gary Witt 07 May 2007

A most eloquent, admirable piece. The 'calculation' is doubly enforced by the numerical equation for 'a few minutes after midnight, Christmas morn,2004.' When it actually struck me, I thought: calculated to be mean. Premeditated. It almost doesn't matter what was said or by whom. Thank you. -G

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Not a member No 4 07 May 2007

Bad medium, bad timing, very good point, brilliantly made. You definitely have something special Mr Jolley. jim

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Konjit Berhane 02 May 2006

Well i do unDerstand the feeling Tony but i am with u on the part Don’t understand. Never did. Don’t want to. great work TonY can't wait to read more of ur work.. **KoNi**

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