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When night
Filled our home with darkness
And moonlight danced
Through the frosty winter windows

She never looks at me anymore
At least not in the way she use to
Always seeming to be in thought
Always looking somewhere else

We fit together perfectly, she said
Like Neapolitan and Josephine
Anthony and Cleopatra
Or Romeo and Juliet

She had lost mountains and rivers
On rainy paths through sunny fields
Golden chains and lover’s kisses
Hidden secrets unrevealed

I’m much too tired
To get up
And change the channel
And though this infomercial

I want to sleep
With the windows open
On a night that believes
In winter winds and falling snow

The rains washed down the mountain
Softening the warm earth
As I sat by my cabin window
Watching the muddy waters

She's no longer here
To tell me
What my problems are

His love for her
Was so deep
And so strong
That he would


Anyone could tell
He was a man of God
All one had to do
Was listen to him


My past is gone
Like smoke in the wind
Days of wonder

He is not bright
Yet he thinks he is
He believes he has
A Zen mind

I couldn't fall asleep
So I put on my hat and coat
And took a walk
Down the old mountain trail

An act of kindness unbelieved
Love freely offered not received
A thoughtful deed offered to ease
Pain of words from those who tease


The rains came
Falling heavily on the land
As I stood by my window
Watching the drops

It was a time
Of frozen mornings
And barren trees
While I watched

They came running
Without pause
Without thought
Without hesitation

I stood waiting for the bus
While two young boys
Around the age of nine
Came walking by

It was the first time
For both of us
As I stared 
At your stunning ass


He was only nine years old
A secret spy
Watching the world
Between the spaces

Cecil (cj) Krieger Biography

C.J. (Cecil) writes to express himself. For his entire adult life he has been writing. As a young adult in the 60’s he wrote music and lyrics that are still being performed today. He wrote music and lyrics for the years he supported himself singing his way across the U.S.A. He wrote manuals for his martial arts students. And he has written poetry throughout all those lifetimes. C.J. doesn’t like to talk his way through happiness or problems. When there are problems, his friends know that he disappears. But he doesn’t desert us. He goes off and writes his way through the difficult moments. When he gives a gift, it’s usually accompanied by a poem. When we check email, there’s likely to be a poem about a recent conversation with C.J. His poems are about what tickles his fancy, about where he finds humor in even the most humorless moments, about the loves in his life, and about his beloved Kiki and Squeaky (his purring companions) . Though I’ve been asked to write an introduction for C.J.'s book of poetry, it is important to talk about him as a generous and giving man. He is undoubtedly one the finest massage therapists (L.M.T.) in the country. The level of giving of oneself that is required in his healing profession results in most practitioners burning out and leaving the profession after a few years. C.J. has been in practice for 27 years. As he nears age 60 he reminds me of the Asian masters who in their old age can out perform even the youngest and strongest young people. I believe this is a result of many years of intense self-discipline and, even more importantly, C.J.’s intense love of people. If you’re wondering about one of his poems, email and ask him about the story behind the poem. You may just be lucky enough to meet the generous and giving man behind the words. CJ's Web Site: cjkrieger.com/ Published Books: 1. 'Pinacolada Child'... available through Barns & Nobel and other bookstores throughout the internet. 2. 'There's Always August'... available through Barns & Nobel and other bookstores throughout the internet. 3. “Absorbed By The Sun” Available through Barns & Nobel and other bookstores throughout the internet. 4. 'Reflections In Glass' Available through Barns & Nobel and other bookstores throughout the internet. 5. 'On Tinker Street' Now available It’s a long way from the town of Woodstock, New York to the drought-stricken hills and valleys of Bendigo in southern Australia. But literature, and particularly poetry, has a way of bridging vast distances and making the most unlikely connections possible. I was introduced to the writing of C.J. Krieger through our common love of Richard Brautigan; in my opinion one of the most unique writers, thinkers and dreamers of the 20th century (and judging from CJ’s work, it’s a belief we share) . CJ’s writing is impossible to pigeonhole. Like Brautigan, his poetry has a strong narrative drive, pushing the boundaries between verse and story, blurring the boundaries of the real and surreal. And he’s not afraid to be laugh-out-loud funny – to trade on the double entendre or create moments of absurd slapstick. A breath of fresh air in a literary form that so often feeds on misery, loneliness and despair. But there is poignancy to CJ’s poetry. It comes from his economy of words and a perfect balance of humor and pathos. He captures the finest details of human relationships without prescription or prejudice; with honest sentiment but never sentimentality. In these little explosions of understanding and insight the ordinary becomes extraordinarily beautiful. The essence of Absorbed by the Sun is contained in CJ’s poem “When It All Comes Together” To look at him You would never know It was the fragments of his life That made him whole The American poet and activist Muriel Rukeyser famously said that “the world is made up of stories, not atoms”. The small fragments that make up this book not only make C.J. Krieger whole, but spark recognition in all of us. They are our stories too. Like me, you might find yourself thinking, I could have written that. Or, more likely, I wish I’d written that. So, it’s time to dive in. There are no prerequisites – no instructions – for reading CJ’s poetry. It is equally as good in broad daylight or in moonlight, in the bathroom or in the bedroom, in the garden or up a tree. Take them with coffee or wine, on fine days or windy days, on an empty stomach or with a full heart. They’re yours now. Enjoy. John Holton, Author Bendigo, Australia)

The Best Poem Of Cecil (cj) Krieger


When night
Filled our home with darkness
And moonlight danced
Through the frosty winter windows
I would watch you
Dancing to yesterdays music
Wearing nothing more
Than a silk scarf
That covered a joyful smile
And enchanting eyes

These days the winter nights
Still fill our house with moonlight
And though I still watch you
Dancing to a time gone by
We have grown older
While the light of the moon
kindly softens the lines
That have grown upon our faces

These days all that I can see
In the quiet of the night
Is a young woman
Who loves to dance
With nothing more
Than a silk scarf
A joyful smile
And enchanting eyes
A young woman who dances
For no one but me

I am blessed

Cecil (cj) Krieger Comments

Will Barber 26 May 2010

C.J. Krieger is a vital force for good. His boundless appetite for love and life is an inspiration, and his eloquence is dazzling. He is a dauntless fellow of infinite jest, and full of kindness.

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Cecil (cj) Krieger 05 September 2022

My God Will, you are much too kind. Thank you for that very lovely comment & God Bless

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C J Krieger 01 June 2021

you are way too kind Will. I hope all is well... God Bless

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Francesca Johnson 20 October 2006

Enjoy the twists and turns in your poetry, CJ. Particularly like the fact that your poems are short but immensely meaningful and so readable. And I can see the Brautigan influence in some of them, although you have a style all of your own. Your poems 'talk' of your life and loves, and tell a lot about YOU. Looking forward to your books. Francesca xx

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C J Krieger 01 June 2021

Oh my dear Francesca, mor5ning coffee has never been the same without you ;) I hope all is well, God Bless... your friend CJ

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Goldy Locks 28 May 2006

Cecil, I admire how you capture the essence of so many events with your elegant, natural style. You make them extraordinary. It is beautiful. Best care, Sus.

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A quote by that witty and effervescent poet, C. J. Krieger God Bless him wherever he be :) Change is painful... But not changing is more painful

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Cecil (cj) Krieger Popularity

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