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Coldness settles in my bones
it's thoughts of you that keep me warm,

Though all alone I sit and think

Poetry makes the heart grow fonder
A fellow poet... like an open book
Every line he writes is a day in his life
exposing his inner soul to the world

I'm here again within my dream
amongst the stars aglow,
I search for you among the clusters
Hoping, a sign you'll show.

In reality, I am not yours,
in my dreams we embrace
in a lover's kiss that makes me tremble
as your fingers softly caress my face.

I realise I'm not alone....
yet isolated and distant I feel from you.
Your touch no longer ignites me,
instead I feel remorse and sadness.

Every Woman holds Beauty
in the Palm of her hands

In her very soul she nutures it

I had another dream last night
and there you were the star so bright
The one you gave to me that night
upon our midnight walk....

I followed you....... into the unknown
not thinking to look ahead
no idea of where we were going
but I you led!

There's something in the air today
though I dont know what it is
Like something's about to happen
something Magical Perhaps!

Everything was going fine
Till I got out of Bed.
I've lost some of those marbles
I keep within my head.

As a child, I was often asked
why do I block my ears,
with cotton wool and ear plugs?
but I pretended not to hear...


Anything you want you're sure to find
just turn on your Pc and go online

In the google search bar Type in EBAY


That's all it took was a little time
Yet it seemed eternal pain

Now when I greet the morning

Like the words of Freddie Mercury
I sure as hell want to break free.
Like Madonna I need a Holiday
a beach to laze on for a day.

She sits so proud upon her bed, she looks at me and nods her head
'Your late' she says 'where have you been? I'm 93 not 15'

'Don't have all day to wait for you my days are numbered, so much to do'

A baby's Laughter so pure
can touch even the most
hardened person turning
them to softness!

As One door now closes another has opened.
The Door of Hope is waiting for me.
The door to heartache forever locked
No longer can you get me or torment me.

Hello! .....He said
How are you today?
It's nice to chat
What is your name?

I feel impelled to say a big 'THANK YOU '
to all my PH friends...
Who've inspired me to continue
to write, through to the bitter end....

Enchanted by your your voice
your words enthral me....

My breath taken away by the

Tracey TEE Biography

Well with time my Spelling gets no better... But I am enjoying expressing myself in my Poetry... I write according to my mood.. Though some of you will have sussed that one out. I am a simple humble writer..complicated poetry is not my thing, I like to make people smile /laugh/anger or even cry..whilst reading my attempts.. My first love however is music..... I have such a wide varied taste... Everley Brothers, Buddy Holly Good old 70's (my favorite era) Meatloaf is one of my most admired artists The song at the moment for me is HERE WITHOUT YOU by 3 Doors Down An American Band, There is a story behind it..... In a nutshell I write from my heart... I am no expert But hope you enjoy my Poetry Thanks)

The Best Poem Of Tracey TEE

Emotional Walls!

Coldness settles in my bones
it's thoughts of you that keep me warm,

Though all alone I sit and think
pondering into yesterday.

It makes no sense to punish myself
for making a mistake,

I can not shake this cold that settles
leaving me to lie awake.

What ifs no longer matter,
so much time has passed away

the distance creates bitterness
of mind games we used to play

questions reveal no answers
still waiting for you to say

The words behind your feelings
which you revealed to me that day.

Your face a distant memory
imprinted in my soul

your words forever haunt me
wherever I may go

Emotional walls around me
keeping pain away

no longer can you hurt me
these walls are here to stay.

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Stephen Stirk 04 September 2009

I love Tracy's work. She is a thoughtful and imaginative poet whose work can touch so many people. Tracy writes from the heart, and you know that each piece she writes is reflective and descriptive of a happening or thought process. Tracy is a true twenty first century poet. I have found her work realistic, satisfying, and thought provoking with an honest and straight forward approach. Lets have some more Trace............. Rock On. Best Regards Steve

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Dr Nihar Ranjan Ray 03 March 2009

Nice poems of You. Can I know ur view on my poems

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