Jasmine Poems: 193 / 500

0114 Winter Sunlight

Rating: 3.3

Delicate, so frail now, almost
apologetic for their presence,
like the longtime bed-bound
taking their first unaccompanied walk,
hardly able to believe their fortune, on
this unexpected day of sunlight
offering hope to weakest winter body -
yet exploratory, determined, in
their frailty; invisibly heroic –

the tendrils of the jasmine explore,
survey with vegetable mind, the frontiers of the empire which
they plan to flood with scent some secret
time ahead; how can a stem that looks
like fine, dead wire, carry all the ruthlessness
of Nature’s will, in so tentative disguise?

the sunlight on this white winter wall,
as a slight breeze waves the exploratory tendrils,
throws up the sharp shadow of this filigree
like twin explorers of the year’s new world
dancing with each other;

a Japanese artist, seeking a new kimono
patterned to show where nature,
truth and beauty meet, might feel the need,
confronted by so delicate a sketch
of Spring’s new plans,
to grow as this jasmine,
exploring the unknown so carefully.

Allan James Saywell 08 February 2006

mister sheperd this is truly a beautiful work i'm not stunned because i know you can be brilliant I'm jealous, but i am excited by a poets work when he produces a work of high quality and i thank you for this Warm regards AJS

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Ernestine Northover 08 February 2006

What a lovely poem Michael, this I really enjoyed reading, beautifully expressed, beautifully constructed. Definitely a 10. thanks for posting it. Love Ernestine XXX

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