036. Sun Poem by Dipankar Sadhukhan

036. Sun

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O Sun, the source of all energy!
From where do you get energy?
Since the beginning of the beginning,
In the sky you've been travelling.
You never deviate from your path.
You love Earth with soul and heart.
Your Love is perpetual and eternal.
It'll never perish and you're immortal.
You awake Earth with holy shine-
Pure and holy Love and gentle kissing.

You are the source of all energy.
You make the seeds sprout with magical ray.
You travel from the east to the west
And gradually become restless.
With clouds you veil your face sometimes.
This is a great mystery to everyone.
You apply the whole energy at noon
As God did when He fought against Satan.
You prepare your ladylove for rest
At the end of the day with embrace.

It is very beautiful and romantic sight
When you embrace and kiss your sweetheart
As lovers bid good bye after love making,
With embracing each other and kissing.
At night you make Earth sleep and dream
And again awake her in the morning,
With your holy beams- the gentle kissing.
You are full of youth and ever green.
Everyone is fascinated by your love story
Which shall be written for ever in the celestial sky.

Kolkata, India.
15th September,2013.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Nandita Sengupta 06 December 2016

A excellent poem on the sun.10

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Seema Devi 02 November 2016

A beautiful nature poem.10

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