(052) Love Is The Sweet Uneasiness Poem by premji premji

(052) Love Is The Sweet Uneasiness

Rating: 2.7

In this complex modern world,
where can one find real love?
All are in search of money,
power and other modes to fulfill their ego.
But they are not aware that
they are losing eternal happiness!

I still remember your words during that train journey:
“I will hurt you, all life.”
I deserve it dear: a crater in the soul!
Days of love are the days of pain
never ending and of pleasure immense.
They are the days of purge.
I know: now also there are no shadows between us.

Dear reader,
If you wish to know what real love is,
you should be a loser,
because every victory is momentary!
O Radha…Krishna is still waiting,
for love is the confluence of hearts…

Pandian Angelina 11 May 2009

Premji, Picturusque, Poetic and Perfect, your poem gives me the taste of bitter chocolate, rich, sweet and a tinge of sadness – truth of love! “I will hurt you forever” wonderful capture of love in words. You excel again as you say with assured confidence, “now also there are no shadows between us” that is the beauty of true love – together or alone true love never diminishes. Those who have actually attained love (maybe joined with their lover in marriage, also) do not talk much about the feeling of love after coming together, but, we find that, it is those who have lost talk the most about love! Angel

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Mamta Agarwal 07 January 2009

your title says it all- love is the confluence of hearts, pain and pleasure inseparable. agony and estasy, hate and love- love by nature is ambivalent.Premji, you teach me a lot, through your excellent choice of metaphors, and directness of approach to the subject, with a subtle hint of a message.10 Mamta

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premji premji

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