100008.Abhirami Andhadhi-Slogam 8: Word By Word Meaning

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8. சிந்தையில் சேவடி.

சுந்தரி, எந்தைத் துணைவி, என் பாசத் தொடரை எல்லாம்
வந்தரி சிந்தூர வண்ணத்தினாள், மகிடன் தலை மேல்
அந்தரி, நீலி, அழியாத கன்னிகை, ஆரணத்தோன்
கந்தரி, கைத் தலத்தாள் மலர்த்தாள் என் கருத்தனவே.

திரிபுர சுந்தரி, என் பிரானின் மனைவி, என் பந்த பாசங்களை அகற்றும் சிவந்த மேனியள், மகிடனின் தலைமீது நிற்பவள், நீலி, நித்திய கன்னிகை, பிரமன் கபாலத்தைத் தாங்கிய திருக்கரம் உடையவள், அவள் மலர்ப் பாதங்கள் என் மனதில் நிலைத்துள்ளன.

To get relief from deadly desires

Dear Readers
again Shree abhirami Bhattar pours out his heart! the original makes me cry while writing!
he talks about My Divine Mother Abhirami's grace that can cure the evils arising out of the bonding which are chains in fact and painful to pursue!

This is an excellent verse which Shree Abhirami Bhattar only can write;

Tamil transliteration

Sundhari endhai thunaivi en
Pasath thodarai ellam
Vandhari sindhura vannaththi
Nalmagi danthalaimel
Andhari neeli azhiyadha
Kannigai aaranaththon
Kandari kaithalath thalmalarth
Thal en karuth thanave

Simple Meaning

Abhirami is beauty personified; She, the red complexioned, consort of Siva, removes my internal and external affiliations and attachments; she stood on the head of Mahishasuran and destroyed him; she is dark blue coloured Kali; virgin; she carries the skull of Brahma; I always meditate upon the flower feet of that Mother.

Word by word meaning

Sundhari =beauty
endhai =my father
thunaivi =companion/wife
Pasath =bonding/relationships or unwanted lineage
thodarai =chains
Vandhari =vandhu+ ari=came and severed
sindhura vannaththinal =red colour complexioned of vermillion tinge
magidan=Mahishasuran/ demon Mahishan
thalaimel=on head
Andhari =andham+ari=finished him/killed him
neeli =blue coloured
azhiyadha Kannigai =everlasting Virgin
aaranaththon=aaranam means Vedas; aaranaththon means the maker or creator of vedas
Kandari=kandam means piece here it means one of his heads which got severed
kaithalath thal=bears in Her hand
malarththal =flower feet
en =my
karuth thanave=meditate upon

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Sunday, February 17, 2013
Vidya 17 November 2018
Please would like to have the word to word meaning of Shloka no.2
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Gajanan Mishra 17 February 2013
Wonderful. Though not in original through English language I made me understood the emotion. thanks.
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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 17 February 2013
a beautiful poem from Abirami Anthathi! thank you for sharing such wonderful treasure of our Tamil language!
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