11-21-2018 Poem by Cherokee Akan Ewe


see when you are minding your own business
now words will conflict
as this dictionary is only but so small
same letters
different mixes
producing the same terminologies
called a synonyms and antonyms
you too can fast forward through your course
let's say from Wharton
and from Dartmouth
and from International Monetary Fund
and from Hong Kong you know that one particular university
and from so many areas across the globe
as students who do not and never been anywhere physically
"thinks and know" there are only these universities onground only
which is around them
cause they are programmed by the fake music in and out
cell phones to radio stations
and commercials on teevee
yeah check out your latest trend upcoming on teevee
and i bet you which is not a gamble cause it will happen
there will be a trend of clothing for the "upper tier"
the middle and lower
while i keep traveling throughout all these routes trucking
and while you keep abbreviating the most stupidest things
of course you could be real...
although what is the chance you will put out a Tome huh?
tell me what is your chance vs opportunity to become realer than your last times huh?
oh i forgot...you just a color or colour too
and if you trying to mind my business then you probably gay as a dude
cause i'm what? sexless
so your whole mission is to harass someone like little kids who is not even oriented yet like Priests
into thinking you and him are the "same" hint "homo"
and of course sexual....
cause you can't be gay by yourself now can you?
same goes to the females
and i told you this would come up again
as them gays are on a mission
hell they even banded indigenous musical artists from uplifting their own people
cause they was not what?
they called the upper tier gays
the gay mob...

Sunday, September 16, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: today
glad to be sexless and away from all that beep...yeah America for ya although i am just visiting and making business swell as planned then moving on to continue my Dynasty like you should too of course although i ain't holding your hand like gay or simp better get someone who matches you via internet cause you antisocial onground and programmed oops i typed too much truth and facts for 11-21-2018
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