Warning: To Any Member Or Nonmember On This Website Poem by Cherokee Akan Ewe

Warning: To Any Member Or Nonmember On This Website

if you infringe on my copyright and harass me in the forms stated by law and stalk me by the terms mentioned by law then you will be tort and criminal charges brought against. I am pretty sure the website owner and business owner sees this message. If you do not like my literature then stay in your lane and continue your rants and raves and prejudice and etc. I don't come attacking or searching for war or a fight or fake battle of any sort. Mind your business and watch your action as you are conducting criminal behavior right now. Follow the leader if you want and teach the world a lesson on Cyber crime of how you do it and never mind your literary efforts because if you are a writer who infringe on others and conduct criminal behavior then for sure you need to shut down this site immediately and i will be making phone calls about certain artist who are on this website being using for-profit or gain for your publicity stunt which their whole ideaology goes against these members and non-members. There is a difference between Freedom of Speech and Criminal behavior and to tell you the truth and being factual right now you killing Freedom of Speech by continuously indulging in criminal behavior. Is this what you want? You want me to contact federal authorities and local authorities all because you feel some type of way and you can't deal with yourself? Is it? Your solution to your problem is not infringing on my copyright and definitely not monitoring me to stalk and harass and you can be ignorant all you want but there is not ignorance in the law.

This is a warning and not a threat.
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