Remember The Past? Poem by Cherokee Akan Ewe

Remember The Past?

okay there is a positive about it all righ?
if you and your Tree is lesser than your previous
then you lacking...ain't no way around it or under it or over it etc
look at the problems and overcome each one
adjust to the economy of which you are in

you don't remember then you might be repeating
a negative on the real
and getting worse
look at today times as entertainers are the road models
the real changing engineers who write books while still as professors
and see you can't change these types of people out here
you simply accept and keep going seriously...
you see a kid acting homosexual then what you do?
let him or her grow up to be homosexual and produce nothing
great! and not my business
just don't let em get close to your Seeds ruining your crop on the real
same to the racism
same to the anything which ain't you in the first place
or your Ancestors...
remember your past
and build on the positive of it all
never build on the negative
and you don't need fame for it now do you?
nah but people fall prey to the television
and wonder why others came up around em
and when you see em talking about some of the same stuff you might have heard once upon ah time
you gon wonder where was you when all of this was happening?
you was sleep...
see i can ignore all of the videos and blahblahs that come out righ? righ
although if i do not know what seed from the Amazon is being kept away from people for super healing purposes
then me and my Tree is out of luck and that opportunity
although you cannot be in all places at once like the Ancestors from the thousands of years ago use to be able to do
like the Dogon of Mali seen the two furthest stars with the naked eye
and Benjamin Banneker surveyed the city of still super greatness etc
although we can return back to it all seriously
and robots ain't an option
and neither entertainment
although entertainment works
cause you keep the ones who ain't worth a beep sleep
and they never grow up to get in the way
so yeah keeping information away from some are the best on the real seriously
no matter if they calling you your enemy or not
all the same
cause even your enemies is less educated on the real
and it's obvious by now in the 2018...
so yeah it is wise to remember your past
to know how to maneuver and build how you build without no problems....

be realistic....think i watch television? hell hell nah! okay what about who is restructuring the world with their courses? yup. Dead on target and i'm seeing what these others are seeing too although breaking off to split with others so when the beep hits the fan we ain't getting involved and seen it all before it happened....
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