1845 Indian Arrival Day Poem by sookdeo manansingh manansingh

1845 Indian Arrival Day

Out of the boat I step upon the sand
at the edge of the shore
leaving behind the happiness
of my Motherland unknowingly
what the future has in store
the promise of a new city seemed
like a mirage standing over the mountain
behind the wave
as helpless as a lamb ready for sacrifice
I can only breathe should my life be save

left with no choice except to listen
to the master for whatever
task lies ahead
I am compelled to plow the new soil
and to pass my time
for the sake of a daily bread
to think of the painful voyage I cross
in the shadow of my mind
the tears refuse to fall from my eye
to think although I am blind

to make a new home out of straw and mud
put me in a position where I cannot leave
the past I have already buried
and in my heart I could only see to believe
to discontinue carrying the load of loneliness
I must come awake out of my dream
I must look to perform my duty
and place my faith
like a bubble in the stream

the arrows of the sugarcane gives me
the courage to change the way I think
look how fortunate I am to have reached thus far
in the journey with my being
that the boat didn't sink
I will look to transform the estate
into a city and to shape a better tomorrow
the winds of change will lead me
to overcome my fear
and to clear all my sorrow.

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