The Confidence To Fight Poem by sookdeo manansingh manansingh

The Confidence To Fight

the mirage of the clouds
creates an island of peace
in my sight
an image of a mountain
ahead of the ocean
surrounded by
waves of light

where the tree of knowledge
sprout from the root
of intelligence
to lead the leaves of the mind
patience takes you through
the pathway of time
that the goal you will find

the mirage of the flowers
reflects a shrine
like petals of light
illuminated by the bees
beyond the shore
of roaring waves
to cross the shadows
over the seven seas

as almost as life itself
the waves seem to move
across the cloud
while the mountains
remain still
i can imagine the noise
from the rocks
how loud

in the blink of an eye
i see the future
that will soon appear
to think of my father
in heaven with whom
i can compare
through the lamp of wisdom
i can only wait
to become the reality
of tomorrow
the storm will pass
where i stand
and with faith
it will remove my sorrow

with the heaviness of the rain
i can only sit and be still
to listen to the sound of thunder
while the rivers and lakes fill
is it a cloud of imagination
or am i fortunate
to see through the inner light
what deepness of thought
passes through the mind
to give me
the confidence to fight.

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