Clouds Of Light Poem by sookdeo manansingh manansingh

Clouds Of Light

To think transcendental thought traffic
brings the future to light
with the waves of network
through intelligent minds
comes to cite
with the pattern
of climate change
the shape of the world
is taking a new form
as the digitized sphere
of knowledge
leads and inform

How do we begin
to educate the leaders
of tomorrow
when there is so much
dust in the mind
only when we can
look through
the mirror of the soul
in silence
the answer we shall find
to compute the clouds of energy
around the sun
takes a lifetime to learn
when we look at
the global change
and the internet of things
should be of great concern

What school of thought
comes to mind
when wars and famines
left behind
the bitter poison of greed
and selfishness
can only bring pain
and destructiveness
for mankind
have we forgotten
our purpose of existence
that we have become
prisoners by choice
if only we can all
look at the rainbow of opportunities
at the horizon
we shall be able to rejoice

Until we can come together
to share equal from the
golden pie
of nature on this earth
we will not understand
what it means
to be totally free
and to have the gift of human birth
to have the awareness
of who we are
will bring the abundance of wealth
to our faith
let us visualize
a new perspective of life
before it's too late.

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