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193. A Terrible Storm Is Brewing - Poem by Aries Profanisaurus

A terrible storm is brewing
deep within the heart and minds
of every man woman and child
many don't realise it yet
but soon all will know

World war 3 has already begun
but too few people are aware
so called world leaders try to hush it up
the papers will only report
what the highest bidder has paid for

Already the fighting has started
the battle grounds are the streets
if not contained it will spread
and every country will be involved

This one could destroy all humanity
as everything that defines us is lost
the worst affected will ignore the signs
not understanding them until it is too

The entire world will burn
and there will be no return
a hell on earth will be created
and every single one of us will burn

There is not much hope for future generations
unless the war is ended soon
even now though it may be too late
as deep within our minds
as yet possibly undetected
a terrible storm is brewing

Topic(s) of this poem: Life

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 2, 2015

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