164. It's Because I Am Your Friend Poem by Jaden Knight

164. It's Because I Am Your Friend

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You don't to have be shy with me
don't need to be embarrassed at all
you can talk to me about anything
I want to pick you up when you fall

You don't need to hide anything away
don't have to be afraid
I'm not like any other you've met
where they have run I will stay

I will not judge you on what you tell me
as long as you only tell me the truth
honesty is always the best thing
and so long as you are with me
I'll always be true with you

You want to know why I'd do this
why I would stay until the end
well I guess the answer is simple
it's because I am your friend

Friday, November 7, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: friend
Alesia Leach 08 November 2014

Nicely worded friendship poem

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Bri Edwards 08 November 2014

You don't to have be shy with me....oops! how about Simple C for a title? i don't always subscribe to the saying honesty is the best policy, but i usually do! thanks for sharing. bri :) p.s. and i WOULD definitely sometimes judge people by what they tell me. some truthful admissions can be damning, and some exposed lies can be also.

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 07 November 2014

I will not judge you on what you tell me as long as you only tell me the truth once the lies are found out, the world of relationship would turn up and down..a consoling poem..

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Saheb Mohapatra 07 November 2014

friendship is the best relation man has ever made..........insightful poem......thanks

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Michael Morgan 07 November 2014

very nice, artlessly artful piece in the vernacular.

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Bri Edwards 06 August 2021

Jaden/John, I plan to use this poem in a 2nd August showcase this month. : ) bri I commented years ago also.

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Galina Italyanskaya 25 November 2014

Nice write! True friendship is a great thing. Although it seems to me that you write in such manner like it's not only friendship)

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Amitava Sur 20 November 2014

A thoughtful lovely poem saying about values and utility of friendship. Thanks for sharing

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Ging Taping 10 November 2014

Real friend is hard to find..It's like searching needle in the jungle..I haven't found one..

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Ging Taping 09 November 2014

I guess C is for Comfort...

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