001. My Dog Poem by Jaden Knight

001. My Dog

Rating: 4.6

My dog running through the fields
her tongue hanging from gaping jaws
she slows to sniff a rabbit hole
nose close to the ground
spies a young rabbit
she bounds as it escapes

She whirls round
and spies another
but she hears my call
she races over
stopping just in time

She now lies sleeping
curled up in her bed
while she’s chasing rabbits
it’s all but in her head

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: pets
1st Poem of my collection written by me. (Sorry have no name for it yet) Written in summer of 1999 about my dog Fearn who unfortunately dies in 2006.
Nika Mcguin 25 February 2014

lol! this is so cute! ~ Its been so long since I've been able to have a pet, so I'll live vicariously through this poem. Another great write! ~Nika

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Jemima Rivas 26 February 2014

Sounds like you really loved this pet. this poem is really awesome thank you god write its almost like a story a beautiful story XD

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Kanav Justa 21 March 2014

a sweet poem on dogs, , , ending gave me a smile, ,

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Susan Lacovara 12 April 2014

I am sure Fearn still romps in Heaven...Are you aware of the poem, The Rainbow Brigde, where our departed animals await us in Heaven? A nice tribute for your first written poem. I believe Fearn' s tail would be wagging in delight. PEACE

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Shian Daley 30 April 2014

This is so cute. I love it :)

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Michele Hammond 19 December 2014

: -) Love this - brought back memories - well captured imagery in a neat style.

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Claudge Ben-at 31 October 2014

This is like made of yeast. This dog is so adorable. Great poem indeed. Should you join any poet books?

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Anayssa Garcia 24 October 2014

This was such a sweet poem. I couldn't help but smile as I read it.

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Chinedu Dike 07 October 2014

I like the poem. Dogs are best of friends with their owners, very loyal and faithful. If you spell its name backwards - it's god! . No wonder. Lovely poem. Thanks for sharing.

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Darlene Walsh 25 September 2014

My Black Lab is very fond on bunnies. He is very obedient, except when he sees a bunny. I'm sure he chases them in his sleep too. A beautiful poem and lovely remembrance for Fearn. Darla :)

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