004. The Computer Prayer Poem by Jaden Knight

004. The Computer Prayer

Rating: 3.8

Our computer who art in the study
Hallowed be thy printer
We have had you for years
May all work be done
From now until 3000
Give us today our daily printouts
And forgive us our viruses
As we forgive those who send viruses to us
Lead us not to the recycle bin
And deliver us from the Internet
For thine is the A drive
Hard disk and mouse
From now till 3000


Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: humor
Written in autumn 1999 after a crazy day. It was never written to offend anyone, indeed even a couple of priests have liked it!
Md Asadullah 25 February 2014

Amen! 10 for this one :)

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Bri Edwards 27 March 2014

being an agnostic and sometimes, though rarely, sacrilegious, and often trying to be funny, i give this a high mark! i sent it to MyPoemList and tried to send it to a cousin, but PH or MY COMPUTER is not cooperating with my second request; it COULDN'T be because i am a computer-dummy! hallelujah for this humor. thanks for sharing. bri :)

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Jessie Hopkins 23 April 2014

This poem was a lot of fun to read and I've already shared it with a couple of my friends. Definitely saving this one. :)

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Daniel Brick 05 May 2014

I can only agree with others - this is a clever, delightful poem! I don't find anything sacrilegious about it because you are clearly using the OUR FATHER as a point of reference with respect to values, and showing how the computer has sidled into our lives and usurped its position as a now NECESSARY TOOL. In Frank Herbert's DUNE from the 1960s, humanity in the distant future have banned Thinking Machines because they subvert us; instead specially trained humans called MENTATS do the higher calculations! Perhaps for the best!

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Chris G. Vaillancourt 07 May 2014

This was very well written

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Sally Plumb Plumb 18 July 2015

Very amusing!

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Bri Edwards 25 April 2015

i probably should have use a semi-colon OR a period, instead of a comma, after shepherd in my last entry. :)

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Bri Edwards 25 April 2015

The Lord is my shepherd, i shall not want another. He did lead me to lie down in green pastures. And when I awoke to find a woman at my side, I was thankful for a woman there...., instead of a brother. i left a comment a long time ago. this is just a little thankyou. Thank you, Lord. bri :)

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Darlene Walsh 15 September 2014

LOL, very entertaining. And 1999 explains the A: drive, I still have an external floppy drive in a dusty box somewhere. I will show your prayer to my priest, I think he would love it, maybe even use it in one of his homilies.

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Abekah Emmanuel 13 September 2014

You are very creative, John. I am simply overwhelmed by this one. The Lord's prayer converted into a computer prayer, well done!

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