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People often say to me
“What can you tell me about yourself”
guess it’s my duty to explain to them
and so I look them in the face and reply

There was a girl with a broken heart
her confidence had been torn apart
so in time she felt she'd lost her soul
and in her life was one big hole

My dear it is time for bed
as the sun is slowly setting
best put your toys away now
as even they need to get their rest

My dog running through the fields
her tongue hanging from gaping jaws
she slows to sniff a rabbit hole
nose close to the ground

Our computer who art in the study
Hallowed be thy printer
We have had you for years
May all work be done

As the pale moon hides itself behind the clouds
I awake and stretch my aching limbs
I stand to see where I am
but the night hinders my vision

I didn't intend to set your life ablaze
I just wanted to start a small fire
designed to melt way that frozen stone
hidden deep inside of you

They say that everyone has their own path
that it is laid in front of them at birth
and they must travel along it during their life
on foot or with mechanical aids

You don't to have be shy with me
don't need to be embarrassed at all
you can talk to me about anything
I want to pick you up when you fall

I played a surgeon for a fatal five minutes
securing the room for my own self operation
wiping away all the tears from my eyes
before I cut myself wide open

I saw you at the park the other day
standing alone in the pouring rain
not sure why you were there
or who you were waiting for

My back is made of a thousand scars
each one from a different knife
most of the blades have long since rusted away
leaving the newer ones that remain

Send me a picture of your smile if you are happy
if you are upset pass me your tears
if rain threatens send me the clouds
if you are frightened share with me your fears

Sitting on the fence
my cat looks round
looking for any prey
she gets up and stretches

Some people say that the road to truth is long and winding,
others will just tell you that what you believe is true
does truth really ask more questions than it answers
how you choose to think about it all is up to you

As many men sweat and groan
with heavy stones on ropes to pull
the pyramid grows and grows
like a small child growing up

They sit together in their favourite place
holding hands like they used to do
the bench in the park garden is broken
the wood has almost rotted through

One Easter night laying on an outdoor bed
a crème egg fell from the sky and hit my head
it bounced off my skull with a thumping sound
and rolled away when it hit the ground

They say that everyone has at least one person
that they have left behind in their life
some they regret losing and want them back
others long forgotten and now are mere memories

Give me not a rose on Valentine's Day
nor lilies daisies or tulips
do not sent me carnations
nor orchids of any kind

Jaden Knight Biography

Welcom to my page. I am Profanisaurus. Love me or hate me, I will remain. Those who I care about I will wait for to the end but those who I don't I'll leave behind. In my poems you may find truths even about myself and others, you may even find they speak about you.)

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137. How I Would Describe Me

People often say to me
“What can you tell me about yourself”
guess it’s my duty to explain to them
and so I look them in the face and reply

My eyes are deep like two tiny oceans
just be careful you don’t drown in them
you’ll never reach the bottom
and there’s not a beach in sight

My arms and legs are a library
ruined by several scars
each one tells its own story
of how it came to be
but none can be bothered to read it

My mind is a battle field
full of the tangled wreckage of ancient conflicts
parts of it are like covered with mines
each one a painful memory
every now and then a fresh war will start
bringing new carnage and suffering
the remains they leave are left to rot in the sun
only to be consigned to the past

My personality is a broadsword
razor sharp and straight to the point
it only can be wielded by me
the blade is often glowing
letting you know how genuine I am

My honesty is a radiant beacon
shining like a miniature sun
it helps my truth stay pure through this life
never dimming or even going out

My truth is a shotgun
let me give you both barrels
a useful weapon in this life of deception
because I have no space for lies or cheating
no bull trash will ever stand in for it

My patience is a tranquil lake
surrounded by many beautiful trees
every tree is in full bloom in a variety of colours
yet when the leaves and petals fall
they make not even a ripple on the water
there's always time in this peaceful place
and none of it can be wasted by those who deserve it

Yet my temper is a volcano
often smoking as a warning to others
sometimes it will blow its top for a while
but its often short lived unless the lava runs
in which case be somewhere else

My happiness is a meadow on a summer’s day
full of millions of flowers
each one living in harmony
the stems bowing slightly in the gentle breeze

My love is like a huge blanket
soft and comforting to those who feel it
let me wrap it round your shoulders
and it will keep you safe and warm

My loyalty is a lovable dog
always faithful always there
as long as you stay true it'll love you
but it will turn on you if you abuse it

I have described myself as best I can
now you know a little about me
it’s time for the favour to be returned
what will you tell me about you

Jaden Knight Comments

Molly O'shaunessy 25 April 2014

Awsome writer and very inspirational. Thanks. keep writing!

3 1 Reply
Kalyani Sonawane 26 April 2014

a very true poem......... its nice animals are very lovely and you described them very lovingly

3 1 Reply
Kalyani Sonawane 26 April 2014

good keep it up! ! ! ! !

2 1 Reply
Kalyani Sonawane 26 April 2014

good keep it up! ! ! ! !

2 1 Reply
Kalyani Sonawane 28 April 2014

i loved your poem. n enjoyed too by remembering all my friends......... a very nice n true poem

2 1 Reply
Bri Edwards 16 May 2016

A nice guy, but DON'T cross him. If you anger him, don't be within a sword length of him! (His a sword) He writes some fine poems, some silly, some very serious. Bri :)

2 0 Reply
Ging Taping 15 October 2014

......Those who I care about I will wait for to the end but those who I don't I'll leave behind....... I am sorry John. Ashamed of myself I don't have a face to show you.Head-bowed swallow my pride knees fold. I'm sorry.

5 2 Reply
Gemma Cadd 26 June 2014

great poems. you are an excellent poet. i enjoy your poems and they invoke great emotions.

6 2 Reply

excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

2 1 Reply
Julia Yusupova 13 May 2014

Fatal Self-Surgery has a punchline ending...love that!

3 1 Reply

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We all die, but do we die? ? In the hearts and minds of those who care about us, we can live on forever

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