4 Bedrooms And 2 Full Bath Poem by Cherokee Akan Ewe

4 Bedrooms And 2 Full Bath

i see this one on the auction block
one full bath in the hallway upstairs
and the other as a master bathroom righ?
other two as smaller rooms
so when remodeling or catering to customers
of the same discreet business plan i mentioned pages before
would you carpet your floors or marble yours?
how would you do the ceiling lights?
and just a dining table for two correct?
and the window covering?
wooden blinds
no doors
just a cloth covering of our traditional cloth
yeah i be on other stuff people don't be on
cause my lightbulb stay on
and see i been tested this out waay back in 2006 Cambridgeshire United Kingdom
when i use to cook for my unsuspecting customers
although i used the living layout as the survey
and open kitchen walk-through as a way to show them
what is going on throughout the kitchen and how sanitized i am indeed...
to include organized...
so what does this title
has anything to do with the topic
and text of this new literary art?

Saturday, September 15, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: today
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