40 Minits In The Waiting Room Poem by Nahar piya

40 Minits In The Waiting Room

I've been sitting in a room for a long time.
The room is very big, it looks very white, maybe made of marble stones.
There is no window, just only one door.
One of the water filters are kept. And in the middle, sitting 2 sofa sitting like an English alphabet "L".
I'm sitting in one of her There is a glass table in front of her. There is a very handsome guy sitting there, dress his very tender, as like he came to the office.
There are two people sitting beside me in the next sofa. Lonely, they seem tired day laborers.
They are very scary in their appearance, they are afraid But the handsome boy laughing with them is talking sweetly. No, Naan asks the question. The interview is going on.
I too have a smile because that questions seem easy to me.
But those two people are not screwing up.
The house seems very cold maybe AC is there.I liked the room very much. I want to stay here and will not return home. What is going on in the home just trouble Well! !
The man sitting on the glass table can not be broken! ! ! I am thinking,
Now he is back to me. Hmm now my interview might start soon.
he ask-
How are you here?
my answer - Yes good!
Then he started questioning one after another one.
I know all the answers. But he does not let me shoot the answers.
He is turning I'm starting again and it's turning around. My throat is drying. If I want water, will they give me?
Of course I can get myself up and drink from the filter. But I can not go. I don't know why!
Many people come this room, who know about me. no one talk with me.They all went away. Their works.I did not even talk. Because I was thirsty my throat was drying.
The person is getting busy for the answer. The time is going to end.
but I think I answer him, he does not want.
He is playing pazzel with me.
My eyes are becoming dark, Everything is going dark in front of me.
I said - I will go home! I am tired!
he said - No game to end!
Know all the vain of the head and it is tearing one by one. Very harrowing!
Not at all... but he is turning around again.
I got up with all the power. Nah, you have to come back...

40 Minits In The Waiting Room
Sunday, February 25, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: mystical
Mystery I cant solve it!
Jazib Kamalvi 25 February 2018

A good start with a nice poem, Nahar. You may like to read my poem, Love And. Thank you.

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Nahar piya

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