40th Wedding Anniversary Poem by Henry Brown

40th Wedding Anniversary

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Dot and Mike you have been married for 40 years and that is a long long time
Yet Mike I am sure you remember looking into Dots eyes saying will you be mine

With her heart really beating fast
She thought at last at last

I great decision was made by you both that day
And having the Lord as a part of your marriage-well there is no other way

Forty years is a great milestone
In every one of those days you were never alone

Every day through thick and thin the Lord held your hands
Because of this your marriage still stands

To think you have been married for so many years
You both should sit down and cry…… joy tears

I am sure Mike you can say to Dot that you love her more now than 40 years ago
For a union of GOD should always grow and grow

Today is really a special day
We trust that you enjoy it more than words could ever say

We hope that the Lord keeps you together another 40 years
You are an example to your peers

Thank the Lord that he has kept you for another year
Keep doing His will for His coming is near

40 Years in the marriage together WOW is all we can say
May God bless you both in a special way

Mike and Dot may God keep you both safe in His hand
Until he comes or calls you both to that great promise land

Dedicated to a friend

HN BROWN 07 November 2010

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Henry Brown

Henry Brown

Johannesburg South Africa
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