Tough Times Poem by Henry Brown

Tough Times

Rating: 4.9

When times are tough and you seem to loose hope
When it all becomes too much and you feel you cannot cope

When you look at the horizon and see nothing there
Talk to people who don’t seem to care

When every road becomes a dead end
You ask for help and can’t find a friend

Remember there is someone praying for you
And rooting you on in the things you must do

Because you are special in the Lord Gods sight
And he is next to you to help you win this fight

Just let go and let Him do what He must do
I know by trusting Him He will see you through

The journey might not be easy, and you might have a tough time
But you will pull through it and come out of it fine

I am praying for a breakthrough, so just praise His name
And after all this you will never be the same

Copyright 29 August 2008

Bob Blackwell 11 October 2009

A great poem Henry 10+

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Obinna Eruchie 10 October 2009

God is always there for us even when least expected. Insightful.

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Henry Brown

Henry Brown

Johannesburg South Africa
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