Two Buckets In A Well Poem by Henry Brown

Two Buckets In A Well

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Life is like the story of 2 buckets in a well
Both on the same journey with a different story to tell

They met one day as one was going up and the other was going down
The one was smiling and the other had a huge big frown

Why oh said one bucket do you seem so sad and empty
Replied the other bucket it is easy for you that always has plenty

You see no matter how full I come up I go down without a drop
I am sick tired of life I wish it all could stop

It frustrates me every time we pass to see your smiling face
It is easy for you no matter what the pace

Replied the other bucket we both go down dry and empty
Just like you I come up every time filled to the brim with plenty

I smile because it is a choice I make each and every day
No matter whether full or empty my God will make a way

And so it is in life’s big round about
Some are filled with faith and others are filled with doubt

You see that happiness is there for just a little while
God brings Joy within forever and no matter what you’ll smile

My challenge to you is to trust God in everything you do
And like the smiling bucket He will surely see you through

Copyright Henry N Brown 24 October 2009

Rose-marie Mitchell 10 February 2010

Praise God! With faith, we can like the smiling bucket, with stand the stress of life.

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Rachel Butler 30 October 2009

'Some are filled with faith and others are filled with doubt' Rachel Ann Butler

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Eyan Desir 29 October 2009

Nice story told...nice one

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Alf Hutchison 29 October 2009

Hello my friend... what a super allegorical write... much wisdom here... but God is in charge whether we are full or empty... going up or down... regards Alf

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Dhanya M G 29 October 2009

lovely writing...u said it all with a beautiful allegory.

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