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Tough Times

When times are tough and you seem to loose hope
When it all becomes too much and you feel you cannot cope

When you look at the horizon and see nothing there

Beautiful Bride

What a beautiful bride, you make today
so perfect and lovely in every way.

You light up my life, I want you to know-

Your Little Heart

A little heart will never be so big
A little heart will always be so small
A little heart will never have the dig

Two Buckets In A Well

Life is like the story of 2 buckets in a well
Both on the same journey with a different story to tell

They met one day as one was going up and the other was going down

It Is No Longer I That Liveth


It is no longer I that liveth but Christ who liveth in me
I really only started living the day He set me free

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03 December 2015

Be patient or become one

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Henry started writing poems and songs at the age of 31. The first poem he ever wrote was to his wife. He writes both poems and songs. henry lives in Northwold Randburg Gauteng South Africa. He is married to Madalene Brown and they have a son called Shawn and a daughter Belinda. Our grand daughter Belinda and Andrews daughter's name is Abigail (Ab ...

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