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What a beautiful bride, you make today
so perfect and lovely in every way.

You light up my life, I want you to know-

A little heart will never be so big
A little heart will always be so small
A little heart will never have the dig

Life is like the story of 2 buckets in a well
Both on the same journey with a different story to tell

They met one day as one was going up and the other was going down


It is no longer I that liveth but Christ who liveth in me
I really only started living the day He set me free

A second so easily becomes a minute and then it passes by
To become an hour with nothing done and we wonder why

The hour so soon turns into a 24 hour day

When times are tough and you seem to loose hope
When it all becomes too much and you feel you cannot cope

When you look at the horizon and see nothing there

Dear God are you really there?
I don’t know if you hear me, and I don’t think you care.

Why are there little ones who are suffering so,

Heed the cries the end is nigh
Man is lost, crime is high.

Rumours of war, earthquakes in diverse places

Mother to most but mommy to me
To me that is what you will always be

So caring and tender in every way


Baby when God made you He was showing off big big time
You are stunningly beautiful and baby you`re mine

What's the use in living
If you're always taking and never giving

There's such a need out there

Dot and Mike you have been married for 40 years and that is a long long time
Yet Mike I am sure you remember looking into Dots eyes saying will you be mine

With her heart really beating fast

Since we were tiny we always wanted a present given to everyone of us
We would grab it with both hands and open it without any kind of fuss

Some were clothes, food or even a little toy


Grace is not about saving face
Nor is it about winning the race

It is not about keeping up with the pace

Dear fellow poets from far and wide
You pen your words with grace and pride

Some with ideas that come thick and fast

While on earth I thought most of us would go to hell,
Especially the snotty ones for I could easily tell.

They walked about with an air that would have scared a goat,

God gives us a gift He calls the present
Use every second wisely so you will never resent

Your past or you future and what may have made you blue

Cried God give me a vision
God said it’s time for you to make a decision

I cried lord give me timing and precision

I wish that my heart was just so big that I could love the whole wide world
I wish I could also hold everyone who was ever hurt it seems to be absurd

I wish that with every beat of my heart I could give away a million

Focus on your covenant with God and not survival
Surely if you do this you will see a revival

It starts with being a servant to all

Henry Brown Biography

Henry started writing poems and songs at the age of 31. The first poem he ever wrote was to his wife. He writes both poems and songs. henry lives in Northwold Randburg Gauteng South Africa. He is married to Madalene Brown and they have a son called Shawn and a daughter Belinda. Our grand daughter Belinda and Andrews daughter's name is Abigail (Abby) Henry has a Real Estate business and also a property matching company. Thank you for taking the time out to read my poems. I need honest feed back and criticism to improve on a daily basis)

The Best Poem Of Henry Brown

Beautiful Bride

What a beautiful bride, you make today
so perfect and lovely in every way.

You light up my life, I want you to know-
I really do care, it’s hard to let go.


Fly my little girl
How beautiful you are to me
Your eyes shine brighter than the sun
Oh oh
Daddy’s little girl, goodbye.

I’ll always remember, you sat on my knee
My ray of sunshine, my angel with wings
I’ll always be there, in the highs and the lows
And now day by day in Gods grace,
In love you’ll both grow.


Goodbye my little girl
So beautiful you are to me
Your eyes shine brighter than the sun
oh oh
Daddy’s little girl, goodbye X2

I will always love you- never ask why
I’ll leave it all in His hands, goodbye.

Daddy’s little girl goodbye

I have a CD with the melody ready for anyone who would be interested in helping to market this song. We have had requests for it as well. This is a sad song and you just might cry when you hear it.

Copyright Henry N Brown 10th November 2008

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