Time Is Ticking Bye Poem by Henry Brown

Time Is Ticking Bye

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A second so easily becomes a minute and then it passes by
To become an hour with nothing done and we wonder why

The hour so soon turns into a 24 hour day
Which becomes a week with nothing done I am very sad to say

A week becomes a month and still we procrastinate
The month becomes a year but whatever it is will have to wait

To most of us a year becomes a life of utter waste
Oh why did I not do the task as the seconds just races and raced

It seems to me that life is quickly passing by
If you are going to do what you must do at least you have to try

Stand up and get into to some serious action
The result will be that it will soon be done with the fullest satisfaction

Remember each day has just so many seconds
Which will soon run out here on earth as eternity beckons

If you want to do something do not put it off for tomorrow
Do it now and you will be full of joy not filled with sorrow

Henry N Brown Copy Right 05 June 2005

Mary Louise Mann Gabumpa 16 February 2011

another good reminder... once again.. time is gold.

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Patrick A. Martin 07 December 2009

I remember back in 1973 I was going to procrastiate but I thought I'd put it off.

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Tia Maria 27 October 2009

for yesterday is gone & tomorrow will always be today - soak up all the good around you today (from 'Don't sweat the Small Stuff') Henry this is another great 'real' write - your verse is on a par with any other inspirational or motivational author - thank you: -)

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Catrina Heart 26 October 2009

wonderful poetry shared here about time and life......well done!

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Henry Brown

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