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Rating: 3.2

I’m all alone in this world, she said,
Ain’t got nobody to share my bed,
Ain’t got nobody to hold my hand—
The truth of the matter’s
I ain’t got no man.

Big Boy opened his mouth and said,
Trouble with you is
You ain’t got no head!
If you had a head and used your mind

You could have me with you
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Gju Awf 10 October 2013


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Mini Matt 12 April 2012

way to be dead man from mini matt p.s. i like monkeys

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Boone Mccaw 26 January 2012

Hi I'm Boone, and Langston Hughes is beast.

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Queen Nzingah 26 May 2012

This is not only a very good poem, its name is incredibly fitting. Thank you Langston!

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Jacob Trinidad 15 May 2012

I have 50-50 with the truth With the world i have 1-99 I need more world Not truth

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Congratulations being chosen this poem as The Classic Poem Of The Day, to his nearest next of kin.5 Stars fullest!

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2) he is one of my most favourite classic poets next to WS. Who am I to give this poem just 5 Stars? This poems deserves myriad Stars! I have truly enjoyed

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1) An excellent poem, a really good classical poem of the day, congratulations to the closest relatives of the great poet, the best classic poem I have ever read with so much humor, and the great poet has special humor for almost all of his poems, .

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M Asim Nehal 10 May 2021

Difficult to deal with such characters.

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Chinedu Dike 10 May 2021

Perhaps, just ask simple as that. An insightful creation.

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