Democracy Poem by Langston Hughes


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Democracy will not come
Today, this year
Nor ever
Through compromise and fear.

I have as much right
As the other fellow has
To stand
On my two feet
And own the land.

I tire so of hearing people say,
Let things take their course.
Tomorrow is another day.
I do not need my freedom when I'm dead.
I cannot live on tomorrow's bread.

Is a strong seed
In a great need.

I live here, too.
I want freedom
Just as you.

Sarah Brignac 12 September 2012

Love it! ! ! His words are true but yet he seems angry on how the government was run back then only if he was here today he would realize that our freedom is strong and we got thinks that would might never happen. My point is even if we are free, we will never be free if we let people bring us down. Freedom come with a cost! And freedom is still costing us today...

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Jack Garvey 01 March 2009

Hughes believed in the potential of all people. President Obama will prove the truths of his beliefs.

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Tyrone Thornton 24 November 2009

Never heard more truthful, passionate, angry (but controlled) , heart fluttering words spoken ever before.

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Belinda Velez 07 July 2009

This poem makes me so proud to be African American. It really shows the progress we've made and will continue to make.

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Donna Murray 26 February 2009

This poem is very real and deep in meaning

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I live here, too. I want freedom just as you great lines of poetry

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I wanted freedom just as you great lines of poetry

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I live here, too.

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damion damion 29 November 2021

it is so good

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unknown 29 November 2021

he is like luahr king

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