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(695) Teach Us Father

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Dear Lord in heaven, this has been a very interesting week, still so much to learn and so much to be forgiven for. Although Lord verbally we have not offended anyone but inwardly sometimes we have feelings of jealousy or envy. These feelings truly are negative feelings and need to be dealt with. Today Lord I pray that you rid our minds of such thoughts and replace those thoughts with grateful thoughts. Show us how to look at things in a different light, to see what is important and not to focus on the material things in life but to realize that we were all given gifts and those gifts are to be treasured, respected and shared with others.

Father when others copy us, let us realize that this is a compliment, which shows that we have the ability to set the trend, to take the lead and to move forward allowing others to follow and create a much brighter environment.
Father when others speak badly of us because they are feeling jealous of us, teach us not to react in a negative manner but to continue to hold on to the positive not allowing such words to hurt us. Hold our hands a little tighter Lord.

Father, teach us to be humble and to always put you first, always have you at the head of our tables, present in our midst, clear in our thoughts, forever under your umbrella and Lord teach us to always listen to the whispers.

I thank you Father for all that you have done for me and I share this prayer with my brothers and sisters on poemhunter in the hope that they will find something here that may be of help to them.
I ask you Lord for forgiveness, I ask you to keep us out of harms way, I ask that you continue to walk with us, stand by us and to carry us when we can no longer walk.

Lord in the name of your son Jesus, I thank you, I love you, I respect you, I know you and I will always worship you.
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Andrew mark Wilkinson 18 November 2007

Yes help us to understand your plan, lord you have me so confused... Amen

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Sandra Fowler 02 December 2007

We should all seek that wisdom that comes from above. There are many gifted poets on this site. I wish that I could give all of them a ten. Wonderful prayer, Melvina. Love, Sandra

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Rosemary Dupree 19 November 2007

What a spirtual prayer to all, that should be read by many as the words say and teach us all so much. You are truly blessed, and I 'Thank you' for sharing this beautiful write. Rosemary

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Meggie Gultiano 19 November 2007

Melvina, jealousy and envy are not the fruits of the Holy Spirit.It is the number one sin of man...PRIDE....that's why, i dont like to see any competition here of who is the best, who is on top, and who got the highest comments or points. Being on top is LONELY. I just write simple poems to inspire and touch the heart of the readers and glorify the Lord...All of you here have a special place in my heart, because God loves you all, that's why..I thank God for all of you. and i love you all with all my heart... here's my hugs, Meggie

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Cecil Hickman 19 November 2007

your words are always so very special each week, , full of spiritual words of teaching as well as so very much wisdom, , we all are some kind of sinner at some point in our life, we should learn not to repeat any sins, , but as well he is a forgiving God and a loving God, , , , my friend your words are always an inspration and full of the questions we all ask, , , blessings to you and yours..Cecil

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David Harris 18 November 2007

Dear Melvina, I guess my sin in life is trying to help too many people at any given time. I'm afraid it is a weakness that I'll always have. Sometimes it is a strength when you see the happiness they can receive, but then there is the sadness when you try to help, but are powerless to do so. As for Jealousy and Envy I have none of them especially when it comes to my friend. Top marks for this wonderful prayer for Sunday. I have followed in your footsteps as you well know. However mine are never as good as yours. Just keep them coming as they my Sunday quite complete. David

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