Albot George

7, Days - Poem by Albot George


It isn’t always easy to put things down, and how you are feeling,
How much did I want you to be knocking, on my door today
To have opened the door, to see your eyes looking back at me,
Would have been so wonderful
And the way you would have been dress because
It was cold, so legging and the boots;
To then pull you close to me, to kiss you for the very first time;

And let the breath between us, exhaust out of our bodies with the passion
That we hold for each other, our tongues tangled and so existed
That we both sigh out with contentment, these feeling that I have for you
Overwhelm me at times; I don’t know if it’s the chemistry between us
Or it’s the fact that we have never known true love
Because I still feel the same for you now as I did at the door.
Like yesterday when me and! ! Was talking, it was wonderful you
There beside me, I think what I’m trying to say is the connection between
Us doesn’t ever seem to change it just becomes more normal

I need and wont to kiss you, my need is near to becoming an addiction,
After we had talk today I had a good idea on how you were feeling
I know that it feel crap sometimes to be in this situation,
It’s taken us both to a place that we didn’t expect,
And I think that part of the problem we don’t know how we are supposed
To deal with it and when we’ve finally learned how to love each other
Who’ll teach us how to stop, because I can’t see even that happening
It’s when we are together, we are together and reality
Isn’t part of our lives, there not even a tablet you can take for it
Hope you get well soon, but what we have both got
Is probably terminal, it’s like the “compulsion” for food
You can’t live without IT
So no chance then
You’ll have to eat me when you get back
Ill not say the words
I’ll just say see you soon FAB
Then you will know what coming

Night night babe

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