*706 Transformed By God Poem by John Knight

*706 Transformed By God

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Whatever Country we live in - times are difficult. Emotionally - Financially - Economically - Socially and Spiritually. The reports I get back from Friends working in Haiti say that the greatest need people have is Spiritual. They pray of a 'Touch from God' to enable them to cope with their own anxieties and give them the strength to help their neighbours. We all need a 'Closer Walk with God' to strengthen us through the next decade. This is a prayer of Transformation! ! ! !

Transform my life Oh Lord
Until my life is pure
Transform my heart
Transform my mind
Please make me safe and sure.

Transform my life Oh Lord
'Til I am wholly yours
Transform my hours
Transform my days
Please use me in your cause.

Transform my life Oh Lord
Fill me with life anew
Transform my life
Transform my love
Transformed to be like you.

Transform my life Oh Lord
Through your power divine
Transform my skill
Transform my will
Transform this life of mine.

(John Knight - Sunny Colchester - 15 February 2010)

John Oconnell 22 February 2010

this prayer could have been said by Thomas a Kempis - a very holy man who wrote a famous book 'The Imitation of Christ'. he was a very humble Dutchman. but maybe you know all this.incidently i read a great poem today well put together fitting for any believer 'the power of prayer' by Orlando Belo, a member from Derbyshire. i often flew over Liverpool but never touched the ground and rembember Liverpool F.C. in its heyday. regards to Kuyt who plays there at the moment. God Bless, john

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Lady Grace 21 February 2010

nowadays, there are signs that second coming is coming, so we need to be close and walk closer to GOD..prayer, that's the only thing we can do....

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John Knight

John Knight

Liverpool - UK
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