John Knight Poems

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The Art Of True Love

The Art of Love is not to be confused with the Act of Making Love.
The latter can sometimes be merely physical (especially for men)
the former is Spiritual and involves the Heart the Mind and the Spirit.

A Special Kind Of Lady

How much do i appreciate you - My Special Lady?
Let me count the ways the whys and the wherefores.

April Love

My April Love is always in my heart
My April Love from me will ne'er depart.
She always brings the 'Joy of Spring' to me,
My April Love forever mine will be!

*655 God Is Great

O Mighty God - when I observe the wonder
Of Nature's wealth created by your power
I see the clouds - the lightning and the thunder
Ensuing storm and sweet refreshing shower.

*701 Inequality Of Life

This poem is written in a classical form - OTTAVA RIMA. There are eight iambic lines. In this poem I have used iambic pentameter - ten syllables per line. There is a very strict rhyming pattern giving the poem vibrance and flow. a b a b a b c c then d e d e d e f f etc.

I see trees of green and red roses bloom
The air is so fresh and the sky is so blue

*903 Beautiful Attitudes

Jesus Bar-Joseph - itinerant preacher
From Nazareth - a Master Carpenter.
When he was about thirty he left his job
Selected a mixed group of companions

In The Silence Of The Night

In the silence of the night
I will come to you
In the silence of the night
I will lie with you

1120 - Sisters Of Poemhunter

Sisters - look gently into the mirror
You are glorious - Oh yes we can see
Your complexions are so so beautiful
Your eyes are the windows of your souls

Angels Watching Over You And Me

Angels of high order
Are called the SERAPHIM
They daily discourse with the Lord
And daily in complete accord

1124 I Thought About You Today

I thought about you today
I thought about your lovely smile
I thought about the fragrance that surrounds you
I thought about the softness of your skin

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