Angels Watching Over You And Me Poem by John Knight

Angels Watching Over You And Me

Rating: 4.5

Angels of high order
Are called the SERAPHIM
They daily discourse with the Lord
And daily in complete accord
For briefings they convene

It is through the SERAPHIM
That God controls his plan
Helping war and strife to cease
Maintaing interstellar peace
And in the heart of Man.

The power is dissapated
Through God's angelic grace
With Angels and Archangels
Each Angel has its place.

Angels are invisible
Except for special reason
Joseph saw an Angel
And Mary saw an Angel
Before the Christmas season

But children do see Angels
They look through eyes of truth
Adults are so sceptical
So literal - antiseptical
And spiritually uncouth!

I have seen an Angel
But only once or twice
In time of need
My soul to feed
It realy was so nice!

So if you see an Angel
Please don't run away
Accept it as a sign divine
That you have a Guardian
Who's with you every day.

Kimberly Lindsey 03 September 2009

this is very nice. I know I need a gaurdian. In more ways than one. I love this!

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John Knight 03 September 2009

Tamara Hanaring wrote - An angelic poem - loved it hoping that the angel's power which gave me deep faith and a powerful desire to succeed in posting my first comment - thanks Angel of Hearts.

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Beauty Philosophy 03 September 2009

A well - penned poem! We really do need angels to guide us in our lives and give us a beam of hope in times of bad weather...

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Mary Sanchez 03 September 2009

Angels serve God by watching over his children, they are also the reason why a diverse amount of earths population are now true believers. Every religion has certain beliefs that others may think are wrong or untrue, this is where the teachings of Tolerance and Faith should be applied with the utmost rigor. However that is not always the case. Believing in a greater Power is a benefit to many when having to endure hardships in this day and age of doubt and confusion. I Believe!

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Philosophy of a DewyFlower 05 September 2009

indeed an angelic poem! there are invisible angels. they are sent by GOD to protect us and help us... there are visible angels who give us support, who give us hope, who give us a hand, who give all precious feeling without expecting any thing in return. Thanks For Sharing.

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Brooklyn Sorrow 28 November 2009

I really love this poem! BEAUTIFUL. I love it. :)

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Anna Dorfman 25 October 2009

Your poems make the World more pure and its residents better. Please write as long as you can

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¢¾idailz baby ¢¾ 23 October 2009

in my life time i seen 2 angels and it was the best ever like i never seen one be4 intill that day i really get your ponit of this pome

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Bryan Alexander 16 September 2009

I have met my angel and it was exactly like you described it. Excellent verse

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Patrick A. Martin 15 September 2009

I to have seen angels in my life very real experience.Thank you for sharing this piece with me John.10

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John Knight

John Knight

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