1120 - Sisters Of Poemhunter Poem by John Knight

1120 - Sisters Of Poemhunter

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Sisters - look gently into the mirror
You are glorious - Oh yes we can see
Your complexions are so so beautiful
Your eyes are the windows of your souls
Your hair is the crowning of your Glory
Your lips are the source of Truth and Love.

Sisters - you are the apex of God's Ceation
God made you individually and unique
God made you for a purpose - His Handmaidens
God made you to bring Love - Joy - Peace and Order
Into a World dominated by Fear
Inequality - Agression and Dissorder.

Sisters - you alone have the capacity
To nurture a helpless fetus - in your womb
To be another individual - XY a Male
XX a Female - another lovely Sister!
You alone have the capacity to provide
The TLC to nurture those individuals.

Sisters - God created you to be LIGHT
In a Dark World - to be SALT in an...........
Increasingly - decaying - flavourless
And socially and spiritually frozen World.
Look in the mirror - please don't be like men
You are so much more precious than that.

Without our Sisters - what would we men do?
There would be no beauty - no elegance
No cause for Art - no reason for Music
No object for love and adoration.
Sisters - look in the mirror - see your Glory
Fulfil your destiny - Reclaim your inheritance!

This poem is dedicated - collectively and individually - to each of our lovely PH Sisters. Just think how insipid the PH portfolio would be without them!

Christine Schmidt 25 November 2009

You had me at the title :) ....John I'd say this is a masterpiece! ! Not written for just women, but Poemhunter women, love how you pin-point that-you are a sweetheart. I love so many of your lines here, maybe a favorite but very small is 'another sister' :) ...Each stanza a sweet little treat for us ladies to savor~THANKS! ! Christine <3

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Alf Hutchison 25 November 2009

John... you have only one word from me for this fine piece....AMEN! ! ! ! Simple...no sisters... no PH Regards Alf

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Ruth Walters 25 November 2009

John, this is such a tender, touching tribute to the PH sisters, I'm sure we are all tickled pink with it! I am. Ruthie: o)

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Lady Grace 24 November 2009

hmmmmm...since i am invited in ur pages john so, here i am.... i guess, this is the 3rd or 4th x i read poems of dedications for all female gender in ph.. this piece is of course adorable by any women here, am sure of that....so for this piece, this is well done...and to the author, thanks again for the tribute u gave to girls, ladies, women in all races in every culture..in behalf of the women living in the philippine territory, i give my salute and thanks for this...HERE'S FOR YOU JOHN sun may find difficulties to shine at night for he shares partly to his lovely moon but same source of light this moon gets its from sun.. the source of energy.... and it symbolizes man... you're the inspiration of every glowing trees where doubts fall at the surface you're the hero that spots the light in ph, ur words are living legacy.. naizxenia is here 11/25/09..

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Philosophy of a DewyFlower 24 November 2009

a nice tribute to women... significant verses... Thanks For Sharing Wise Man

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masked lady 29 December 2009

My friend, do deserve your name. You're a knight in the real meaning of the word. Thank you for giving us ladies that honor and dignity. Thank you for sharing your gift. MORE POWER!

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Eyan Desir 03 December 2009

Well written Jon Good job

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Patrick A. Martin 30 November 2009

John I just left the brillant young Stephanie Fiddy to come across this poem and you are right thank you for reminding us all that the gals are great, Paddy

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Shalini Sundararamalingam 28 November 2009

Thank you for dedicating this poem to all women here in PH and should say that this poem is lovely..... If every man treat and respect women dignity then there wont be any gender problem or any fear for women to walk out freely...... a very good poem

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Merna Ibrahim 27 November 2009

Actually, the poem is perfect. Your wisdom and gentleness are revealing through it! ! TEN! !

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John Knight

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