(718) Poemhunters-Hurt No More Poem by Melvina Germain

(718) Poemhunters-Hurt No More

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Dear Lord in Heaven, you are my light, my inspiration.
Thankyou Father for everything you have done for me.

Father, today I ask you to focus on some poemhunters that
think themselves better than others and find it necessary to
call them down, pointing fingers at the improper use of
English grammar. They are hurting the feelings of others
and possibly causing them not to write or to leave the site.

Father one of the poets that received such redicule has now
passed away and is safe in your hands Lord, she no
longer has to read the hurtful words of such poets. Unfortunately
Lord this lovely lady did not receive an apology for the hurt
she experienced here on poemhunter.

Father, I ask that you impress upon these so called great poets,
that they are not helping themselves and certainly not creating a
positive environment when they point fingers at poets who just want the freedom to express themselves the best way they know how.

Father these hurtful poets need to be taken to task and reminded that they are no better than anyone else. Unfortunately they lack the abillity to feel from the heart, their ego's have certainly surpassed their ability to feel. Show them Lord that they are hurting others, that they are affecting them in a negative manner and no good will come from that.

Father God, you are the King, you are the master of all and you are all knowing. I leave this problem to you Lord, totally in your hands and I hope Lord that you will allow me to see the change in the hurtful poets of poemhunter.

thankyou Father in the name of your precious son Jesus.-Amen

Written: Jan.10,2008

Andrew mark Wilkinson 16 February 2008

Yes, people shout and moan, see fault in others and see none in their own, but give every body the chance to find a style of their own, if you don't like just move on and leave them alone... God gave us this gift to share... Andy x 10

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Meggie Gultiano 10 February 2008

Amen to this, Melvina..I think it is more easy to be kind than to be rude.To be responsible to one another, to love, not of hate, and be a channel of God's peace and love.This is a month of Love...can we just give Love a try? We are equal in the Lord's eyes, no matter how HIGH are our positions in the government, no matter how rich or poor we are, still, in the eyes of God, we are equal.Thank you for this prayer.it is powerful..

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C.R. Clark 10 February 2008

Very well said. Freedom to speak ones mind is a right that all should have. Like all rights, it carries a responsibility to exercise good judgment. I see poems on PH everyday that I may not relate to very well, but which are very likely written by someone with much more talent than I have. My poems are special to me because they are MY thoughts. Other people may enjoy them or they may not. There is a great deal of difference in constructive criticism and in ridicule. Thanks for your poem. I enjoyed reading it.

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Melvina Germain

Melvina Germain

Sydney, Nova Scotia
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