(728) Christmas Joy Poem by Melvina Germain

(728) Christmas Joy

Rating: 3.0

Snowflakes fall elegantly,
Ice glints glow for all to see.
Lights of red, yellow, blue and green,
are all a part of the Christmas scene.

Clap your hands sing out loud,
Rejoice in the name of Jesus.
Tis his birth we celebrate,
knowing he’ll never leave us.

Gather round one and all,
It’s time to create a memory.
Stand proud, stand tall,
allow everyone to see.

The happiness and joy you possess,
will fall upon those, without rest.
A beautiful gift to share,
at this brilliant time of year.

Written: Dec.7/06

David Tanguay 07 December 2006

Very well said Melvina, I use to live up north where we had white Christmas's. But now I live in the south, I miss the snow this time of year.

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Gaurav Silwal 07 December 2006

Christmas is really a very blissful occasion. I wish to be a part of celebrations.....this year or whenever possible, ....Pray for me.....Regards, .Gaurav

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aidan thompson 16 November 2017

hope its good for a Christmas concert thing

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Haikal Hamzah 09 December 2016

This is a review for the poem Christmas Joy by Melvina Germain. This poem is a happy poem because it talks about Christmas. It also talks about how beautiful Christmas can be with your loved ones. Its talking about how Christmas is happy and to be enjoyed.

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Rajnish Manga 21 December 2015

Beautiful Christmas scene.and the time of celebration nice portrayed. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem.

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Reinalie Jorolan 12 December 2006

awesome......merry christmas GIFT Melvina...lol...very nice piece.....thanks

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 07 December 2006

You are hereby officialy...Ms. Christmas Poemhunter...i just coronated you...if someone doesen't like it...they can come see me.Love this piece, young lady Claus... frank

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Melvina Germain

Melvina Germain

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