74th Republic Day Of India - The Legacy Continues Poem by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

74th Republic Day Of India - The Legacy Continues

And as the bright morning of January 26
will unfurl the flags of our nation
in every village, city, town and school,
soldiers will keep marching along haughtily
from Kartavya Path to Red Fort
dressed in their attractive uniforms
to salute our nation,
while camels and elephants decked
in grandeur of their own befitting apparels
will also join the parade bringing in
a galaxy of wonder and delight
to the eyes that will keep watching
the panoramic display of presentations
with awe and amusement.

And as every Indian will stand out there
and feel a sense of pride and elation
they will watch the gaiety and gallantry
which will be presented with joyousness
at the Republic Day Parade
as one by one of the events will showcase
how much our country has achieved
and contributed to our progress and prosperity,
to our safety and security
that our countrymen volunteer heartily
to stand tall in unity and share the enchantment
of patriotism as they consider India as their mother.

And just like a mother gives everything her child needs
and the child also remains grateful to a mother forever,
likewise every Indian chooses to diligently reciprocate
the love of a mother called India our nation
with the same allegiance and loyalty
that exists in our hearts mutually and cordially.

And as our India is a generous nation
offering opportunities to its every citizen,
our India is also a developed nation
with its own infrastructure and advancement
in the fields of science and technology,
in the campus of engineering and computers,
in the helipads of aviation and industry
on the platforms of transport and exports;
and besides progressive farming and agriculture,
even our security and safety
is enhanced with defense and justice.

Republic Day is certainly a day of pride
and it makes every Indian to stand up
and salute our mother nation
with perennial affiliation and gratitude
for all the legacies it has bestowed upon us;
long live our country and our democracy
long live our freedom;
long has lived our right to vote
long has lived our nation as a Republic;
long will live our India
no matter how far flows the sea
how far blows the wind
our right to vote will always persist
our nation will always be our mother,
our fort and fortitude.

Legacy - is the ' right to vote' given to the people to choose their representatives
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